A 5-day gathering in rural Hungary exploring the fluid mechanics and possibilities of aquatic dance in a warm pool, and how to integrate fluid movement within land-based somatic practices, contact improvisation, functional training, relational training and breathwork.

Where: NapMajor Farm, Hungary

When: July 4-9, 2024

Deadline for applications: June 30th

This is a 5-day immersion weaving land-based somatic practices with aquatic dance. We will offer a supportive space to explore your dance through releasing excess tension, finding fluid integrity, and embracing suppleness in connecting with yourself, the ground, the water, and others.

Throughout the week we will draw from both land based practices and aquatic practices, to support us in finding our liquid roots. Our land-based work  will offer intensives that draw from somatic practices, tuning scores, contact improvisation, axis syllabus, play-fight, breathwork and functional floorwork.
Our aquatic offering will draw from our practices of aquatic contact dance, freediving, Aguahara, Janzu, and Fluid Presence. We strive to develop body-minds that can access fluid expression, availability and presence, while cultivating a sense of rooted integrity and grounded intention.


We believe cultivating fluid capacities supports us in navigating unexpected, challenging, or disruptive experiences in movement or in life, with grace. In these times of increasing instability and uncertainty, we believe training qualities such as fluid adaptability, softness, resilience, yielding, listening, and creativity are implicit to surviving, as well as thriving.  We will explore how to carry these qualities into our movement practices and ultimately into our life.

How to register:
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Costs for participants: €450-600

Contact details:
For any inquiries or to register for the retreat, you can email or message with interest at: chiarapaloma.zompa@gmail.com

For further information, please visit https://www.fluid-integrity.com/liquid-roots

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