LIBERO CORPO PRO 2018/19 – choreographic atelier conducted by four internationally renewed choreographers starting with OMAR RAJEH/Maqamat Dance Theatre.

Where: BISCEGLIE, Apulia Region, South of Italy

When: 14th – 19th January 2019 / Omar Rajeh
10:00-18:00 – final sharing on 19th January

Deadline for applications: 20th of December 2018

Four weeks of Intensive Contemporary Dance Course
Morning warm up and choreographic atelier conducted by four internationally renewed choreographers from January to April 2019: Omar Rajeh/Maqamat Dance Theatre – Beirut/Lebanon, Albert Quesada/ACME – Barcelona/Spain, Matthias Kass/Idem Company – Switzerland/Germany and a further one to be planned. The creative workshops will meet a selected group of audience in a sharing special formula, with choreographer, dancers and audience all together in the space of work.

The students that take part in the whole course could have the chance to create a choreographic project which will be examined by a commission chaired by Carmelo A. Zapparrata, Dance Reviewer (authors of Danza&Danza, Hystrio, La Repubblica-Bologna) and member of Bologna University Scientific Review Dance and Research.
A maximum of two projects will be selected through indisputable commission evaluation. Each selected project will be allowed to enjoy a maximum of ten days of residence. During residence, they are allowed to enjoy the tutorship of Carmelo A. Zapparrata. They also will have the chance to enjoy a free accommodation for the ten days of residence, a video/photographic service for  promotional materials, and they will also participate in local and international showcases for young authors.


People resident out of Apulia Region or far from Bisceglie could be guests (with the use of bathroom and kitchen) with a contribution of 10 euros per night.

How to apply:
LIBERO CORPO PRO will include a maximum number of 20 students aged approximately between 18 and 35. They will be selected through curricula, showreel video, and presentation video by Compagnia Menhir, according to the following standards.Interested student should send within December 20th 2018 to the following e-mail addresses: and
– european format cv;
– show-reel video link (note: the candidate has to be recognizable);
– short video presentation link (3 minute s maximum);
– entry form filled in and signed.

To download call and application form, please, visit
The selected candidates will be immediately contacted by the organisation for the subscription and People resident out of Apulia Region or far from Bisceglie will receive all the logistic welcome info.

Costs for participants: Each choreographic atelier costs 125 euros.
The whole course of four atelier costs 300 euros.

Contact details:
sistema Garibaldi
Compagnia Menhir
+39.3405644747 / +39 3288677116

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