8 week self-paced online course in floorwork & acrobatics. Beginners to Advanced.

Where: Online

When: always

Treat yourself this new year.

Through this course you will learn:

1. Fundamental Mobility practices to open/condition the body.
2. Basic to Advanced Contemporary Floorwork.
3. Acrobatics to utilise energy transfers & momentum.
4. Full Length Floorwork Phrases (comprised of movements learnt through the course).
5. Building a framework to progress to higher movement pathways / online classes and workshops.

You have access to:

* Over 80 video tutorials.
* 1:1 feedback
* High Quality Multi angled filmings.

Ivan Cook is an Australian multi-disciplinary movement artist based in The Netherlands. He is qualified in Acrobatic dance, Contemporary Floorwork, 500hr Registered Yoga teacher, Movement Student of Roye Goldschmidt and Kenan Dinkelmann, MobilityWOD, Physical Education.
He instructs weekly movement/dance classes and gives workshops across Europe. Ivan has now given workshops in Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Greece, Hungary and Australia.

How to apply: www.cookmovementpractice.com

Costs for participants: 130

Contact details: cookmovementpractice@gmail.com

For further information, please visit https://www.instagram.com/cookmovementpractice/?hl=en

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