Les Rencontres FMR Festival is a 6 days summer intensive in the south of France: creation/performance workshop with international choreographers and dancers; one group for advanced/pre professional dancers, one group for professional dancers , one group for professional actors/dancers in physical theater.

Where: ARLES, France, 13200

When: From saturday the 21st to thursday the 26th of August 2021

#Creation Workshop:
• Professional dancers:

– Performance project/creation: Laly Ayguadé
9.30 am-12.30 pm
-Performance project / creation: Akira Yoshida
2 pm-5 pm

• Advanced / pre-professional dancers:

-Performance project / creation: Charline Peugeot
9.30 am-12.30 pm
-Performance project / creation: Danae & Dionysios​
2 pm-5 pm

• Pre-professional and professional actors and dancers:

Performance project in physical theater: Nadine Gerspacher
10am to 2pm every day

# Performances

• Open stage and improvisation evening 24/08/21
For the workshop dancers –
(Salle des Fêtes Arles​ – open to the public – free – cocktail)

• Show 26/08/21
1st part: Presentation by the dancers and actors of the creations made during the workshop.
2nd part: Pieces from the companies of the invited choreographers: Laly Ayguadé Company, Cia Nadine Gerspacher, Danae & Dionysios.
(Antique Theater, Arles)
Free and open to the public

For a nice review of the 2020’s edition:

Information: +33683070202 or +33682939810

Looking forward to welcoming you!

To apply, send an e-mail to contactlesfmr@gmail.com with CV and video (can be short, on stage, studio improvisation, personal work,…).
If you are not alone on the video, please make sure you give us details on how to identify you.
Limited to 25 people per group.

Costs for participants: 390 euros (dancers groups; 6 hours per day) or 280 euros (actors/dancers group; 4 hours per day) for the 6 days workshop, the open stage and the closing evening (dinner included at the closing evening)(DO NOT include accommodation, but the organization will help you find a place and connect you with other dancers to share a flat in the center of Arles)

Contact details: contactlesfmr@gmail.com

For further information, please visit www.rencontresfmr.com

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