Les Ateliers Déplacés is the continuation of the annual summer dance workshops – workshops by artists from les ballets C de la B and by Palestinian dancers from PASS. For edition 2019 all will be happening in Ramallah.

Where: Ramallah

When: July 21-25 and/or July 27-31

Deadline for applications: May 6th 2019

Les Ateliers Déplacés – Workshops on Relocation
Ramallah, July 21-25 and/or 27-31 2019

Les ballets C de la B is happy to announce the fifth edition of the summer workshops, a special edition because we move to Ramallah: Les Ateliers Déplacés.
Les Ateliers Déplacés are workshops by artists from les ballets C de la B and by Palestinian dancers from PASS, in exchange with participants from different backgrounds, alongside an evening programme to meet each other outside of the rehearsal studio. All this will happen in Ramallah, where a dance community is alive and developing.

The programme of this summer intensive is meant for experienced dancers, performers and choreographers from different backgrounds. With an intensive workshop during the day and an semi-public evening programme in Ramallah, Les Ateliers Déplacés will be more than ever a meeting place for international and local dance scene. It’s a unique occasion to gain experience from different methodologies and teachers’ knowledge.

« Summer workshops has been an annual event – known as les ateliers C de la B in Ghent, organised by les ballets C de la B / known as Sareyyet Ramallah Summer Dance School (SRS Dance School), organised in Ramallah. Why not joining forces and organising together a special edition for 2019? »

The workshops for edition 2019 run from July 21 – 25 and/or from July 27 – 31.
The workshops are :

Sunday 21 – Thursday 25 July (5-days)
° Farah Saleh – Unfolding your archives
° Serge Aimé Coulibaly – The political body

Friday 26 July day off

Saturday 27 July – Wednesday 31 July (5-days)
° Salma Ataya & Yazan Iwidat – Contemporary choreographic practices in duos
° Hildegard De Vuyst – Starting a new creation
° kabinet k (Joke Laureyns & Kwint Manshoven) – Unpolished encounters

Participants can register for 5 days (one workshop) or for 10 days (two workshops) and should make a choice out of the 5 workshops. Applications should be sent before May 6th.

Practical details & application form, click here: http://www.lesballetscdela.be/en/projects/workshops/les-ateliers-deplaces-19/extra/practical-info-and-application-form/

Short description of the workshops:

F a r a h S a l e h – Unfolding your archives
This workshop will begin every day with a morning class, exploring different body parts, looking into their articulations, connections and movement initiations. After establishing the body-mind awareness, during the rest of the day we will search for a common understanding of what gestures and bodily archives are, investigating ways of digging into our personal archives and making them accessible for others.

S e r g e A i m é C o u l i b a l y – The political body
For Serge Aimé, dancing is a commitment, an urge and a need. All his work starts from this basis, both his creations as his workshops. He has developed a taste and talent for the transmission of his art. By questioning the responsibility as performing artist and the power of a vocabulary that makes sense, Serge Aimé will open up together with the participants an original creativity to develop powerful contemporary dance.

S a l m a A t a y a & Y a z a t I w i d a t – Contemporary choreographic practices in duos
Taking the theme of the love-hate relationship between friends as a basis, this workshop is a research about how to define our relationship to the body of the other? About what we can create using the relations we have with other people? With exercises and tools that will push our physical and routine-like boundaries over and over again, this workshop aims at breaking habits when moving and creating. The workshop focuses on working with body-mind fullness and working with other people’s bodies, on how to translate ideas into emotional physical experiences.

H i l d e g a r d D e V u y s t – Starting a new creation
This workshop is meant for people who want to create their own work in a collaborative way, with performers making their own material. In this workshop Hildegard will take the participants to the very beginning of creation: starting from a concrete short story, during five days they will experience, develop and research a virtual first week of a new creation. In this workshop, Hildegard De Vuyst is using her experience built up as dramaturg at les ballets C de la B for already more than 20 years.

k a b i n e t k (Joke Laureyns & Kwint Manshoven) – Unpolished encounters
The encounter and the collaboration between children and adult dancers is a central theme in the work of kabinet k. In this workshop adults and children will work together to discover to specific dance language of kabinet k, a language that at one moment is contemplative, minimalistic, visual and then tilts over to raw, brutal and exuberant energy.

Les Ateliers Déplacés is organised by les ballets C de la B, Sareyyet Ramallah, A.M. Qattan Foundation

How to apply: Please, fill in the form to apply and send it before May 6th 2019 to S3@lesballetscdela.be (English, French or Arabic): http://www.lesballetscdela.be/en/projects/workshops/les-ateliers-deplaces-19/extra/practical-info-and-application-form/

Registration fee: includes workshop, meals and accommodation for non-residents in Ramallah:
300 euro (340 USD) for 5-days/one workshop
600 euro (680 USD) for 10-days/two workshops

Contact details:
S3@lesballetscdela.be or +32 9 221 75 01 (les ballets C de la B) / +972 22 95 27 06 (Sareyyet)

For further information, please visit www.lesballetscdela.be

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