Festival directors, media artists, choreographers and dancers working at the interface of dance and film as well as digital arts are invited to present their works, projects or ongoing work and research processes in an open sharing format. In question and discussion rounds, a common exchange is to take place that enables an artistic exchange as well as networking in the field of dance and digital arts. Interested parties who do not wish to present their own work are also welcome.

Where: Zoom and Cologne, Germay

When: 24th and 25th of May

Deadline for applications: 20th of May 2023

Lectures of:
Dr. Claudia Rosiny, Dr. Einav Katan-Schmid, Harmony Bench, Dr. phil. Jonathan Harth
More Info: https://www.moovy-festival.com/education-2023/?lang=en

How to register:
Please send us a short CV

Free for participants.

Contact details:
FB und Instagram: MoovyFest

Image: Bardo: Ein Film von Tobias Staab und Gustavo Gomes.

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