LEΛDER is a 6-month online programme for you if you are a dance professional wishing to bring out the best in your dance technique & professional skills along with evolving your personal qualities in & beyond dance.
Lead your career in dance forward with joy, integrity & on your own terms

Where: Worldwide

When: June 15 – Dec 15

Deadline for applications: June 15

What would shift for you?
– Feeling that you can achieve the technical level you wish to have
– Knowing exactly which steps to take to get there
– Gaining a thorough understanding of your skillset and HOW to work it on a day to day basis
– No more feeling worried about a lack of professional opportunities
– Inner clarity that you have what it takes to make your career a long one
– Keeping your standards high (artistically, financially, personally) even in challenging times
– No need to ’sacrifice’ things that actually matter to you (family time, finances, self care, artistic time, …) in order to keep your career on track
– Aligning the person you want to be with the dancer you want to be and as such strengthening your technique AND your professional & personal life

The result is…

The disconnect between your dance & personal life begins to dissolve. Your personal life & circumstances are key to your professional success and vice versa. You feel whole.

On a dance technical level you feel expansive, able and safe like never before. Feeling safe allows your body to go deeper & further into dancing. To imagine more freely and in line with your natural abilities & strengths.

With the right focus you approach or become the dancer you know you can be.

You see there are professional opportunities for you everywhere & always.

You have the concrete & practical ability to turn every situation into a situation that SERVES your dance filled life because you have learned which steps to take to get you there.

All you do, are & wish supports your fullest expression in all areas of your life. As a dance artist you are nourished by this and find in this the ground & security you need to shine your light fully.

Because you radiate confidence along with vulnerability, humility, and professionalism. It will be easier for you to find opportunities that are a perfect fit for you. A perfect fit means they are exactly what you need to grow technically, professionally & personally.

How to register: Sign up at: https://evolve.billiehanne.net/p/leader/

Costs for participants: 990€ reduced price or 2150€ full price

Contact details: billiehanne@gmail.com

For further information, please visit https://evolve.billiehanne.net/p/leader/

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