PRACTICAL WORKSHOP and CREATION in contemporary dance and body percussion
”Creation presented at the Seine Musicale in Paris”

Creation of a choreographic and rhythmic performance mixing amateurs and professionals.

Where: France , Paris et alentours

When: 20 November 2023 – 6 April 2023 (one weekend per month/6 hours per weekend)


LE LABO is part of our approach to share what we called “the interpreter tools”.
We want to share and to allow amateurs and semi-professionals to take part in a creation of a piece and to discover the ways of working, exploring and creating within a professional team.

Who says Laboratory, says research!
It is therefore in a choreographic exploration that this artistic initiative unfolds.
This year, the work will be based firstly on a common learning of rhythms and movements specific to percussive disciplines and then deploy in a work of listening, improvisation and creation where each performer will have their own place.
During our rehearsals we will delve into the world of polyrhythms and percussive dances to create a piece where movement, dance and rhythm intertwine.
The body will be our instrument and the rhythm will be visual!

The Ballets Nomades company was born in the USA in 2016. It is a 1901 french law association whose work is centered on body know-how.
Dances, tales, body percussions, voices are the central tools of the company.

What is the dance act? Where does the movement come from? What are the bridges between dance and music? How can we make our bodies a space where musicality, listening, sensation are born?
These questions are part of the company’s research and explorations.
This year, body, movement and rhytm will be the heart of our work.
The objective is to support them, to give them what is necessary so that they can deploy.
The company is based on the meeting and exchange between different forms of traditional and percussive dances.

She is active in the transmission and creation of shows.

Rehearsal Dates
(Which will take place in 91, France one weekend per month/6 hours per weekend / RER B)

Saturday November 25 and 26 (exploration workshop which will make it possible to constitute the final group for the creation for the Seine Musicale)”

Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 December

Saturday January 13 and Sunday January 14

Saturday February 10 and Sunday February 11

Saturday March 16 and Sunday March 17

Saturday March 23 ” in Paris”

Friday April 5 in the evening ”in Paris”


Price for participating in the LABO:
320 euros + 8 euros association membership fees.
(Or 26 euros per 3-hour workshop)

Prerequisites: A sensitivity to body practices, an attraction to music.
A practice of rhythm, music or any other forms putting rhythm, body or voice into practice are welcome.

To apply: Send a CV as well as a cover letter or an oral presentation of the reasons why this project interests you.
Ability to attach videos or a portfolio.
This is not an obligation, it is a way to discover your artistic universe and your inspirations.

This is a call to amateurs, semi-professionals or artists wanting to experience stage creation with a professional company.

For all information and to apply email:

For further information, please visit