This intensive program invites dancers, actors and performers from Germany and France, aged 18 to 35, for a 25-day residency and research opportunity in both countries. By now a few seats for French participants remain available.

Where: Belhade (Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France) -> Eltville (Hesse, Germany) -> Frankfurt

When: from August 22nd to September 20th 2024

Deadline for applications: 22nd July 2024

Performance Summer Laboratory is a cultural exchange initiative, centered around performance research and exploration, occurring annually during the summer. Young professionals, students in the field of performing arts, or experienced individuals with a dedicated interest are encouraged to apply. The project covers the costs of participation, including travel, accommodation, meals, workshops.

How to apply:
Please send us your application as a single PDF file containing the following information:
– Full name, age, city of residence, phone number, and email address
– CV
– Letter of motivation (approximately one to two pages)

to: (Ferenc Kréti, Jungyeon Kim, Côme Tanguy)

Costs for participants: 200€

Contact details:

For further information, please visit

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