The EBB JUNIOR BALLET MADRID has a unique training aspect with the Ballet Junior of ELEPHANT IN THE BLACK BOX student company, made up of dancers from the dance-performer course. It has an international reputation, occupying a special place due to the links the institution constantly develops.
It offers daily training in classical ballet and contemporary dance. Intensive workshops with famous choreographers, preparation for audition with European renowned companies, individual training program able to provide a specific preparation to start building up his career.

Madrid, Spain

When: 21 July 2018

Deadline for applications: 20 July 2018

We are looking for dance students with a contemporary and classical movement and really seriously interested to the EBBCompany.
In 2014, the EBB founded a junior division to feed the main company with young talent. Is a true stepping stone from training to professional life.
It allows dancers from all styles to work with many choreographers and perform on stage several times each season.
By reinforcing their expertise with stage experience, it facilitates their start into the profession.
The daily work schedule is the same as that for a professional dance company.
The collaboration with renowned professionals is constant and exchanges with similar organisations abroad is regularly organised. Works are either re-stagings or outright creations.
During an engagement lasting no more than three years, students train together with the members of EBBCompany, dance with a team at selected performances from the repertoire, and ballet evenings arranged especially for them during the season.
Main requirements in order to be accepted in EBB professional studio program. Students must be aged from 16/ 28 years. Please note that is not a paid job but a professional formation.

How to apply

please send us a short CV & 2 Photos
short video no more than 2

Contact details

Avenida Manoteras 22
Portal 3
local 84
28050 Madrid

For further information, please visit

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