LANDscape is a course-retreat of embodied research, an immersive journey in the constellation of games of the Modus Operandi AND.

Where: Trust Collective, Barril de Alva, Arganil, Portugal

When: 21 – 30 July 2023

The journey starts with small-scale AND board games, towards practices in which the body as a somatic-political aggregate becomes the territory for games of care-curation/healing, passing also through outdoor games, dedicated to the research of inseparability with a more-than-human biodiversity. This percourse will be supported by a set of body practices and listening and care propositions, offered by members of the AND Collective and invited artists/researchers. The link between the practices will be made through performative-ritual gestures of Alight & Flight, this year’s theme of the School of Repair, inviting a sensitive experiential research, at the same time political and affective, intimate and collective, of the ways of ex-conjuring the systemic Irreparable.

Enrollment includes camping accommodation, 8 days of immersive training at Trust Collective (Barril de Alva), daily transport between the accommodation and training location, vegetarian meals throughout the course period (breakfast, lunch and dinner), closing party, among others. There are also lower entry fees, which do not include accommodation, transfers and meals.

We offer scholarships for 25% of vacancies for racialized people; disabled people and/or other dissident corporealities; LGBTQIA+ people; affected by gender and/or social class inequalities; unemployment; migrants; refugees.

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Costs for participants: Early bird (until 31st May): 450€ / Full price: 600€

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