LABORMANIFEST #10 open call for a free research residency.

Where: Südufer, Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

When: March 1 to 8, 2020

Deadline for applications: 15th February 2020

LABORMANIFEST is a discursive and performative platform taking place twice a year at the experimental venue SÜDUFER in Freiburg, Germany. It is a space for reflections, visions, development, research and networking by, for and with dancemakers from Freiburg as well as other places.

This time, the 10th edition of LABORMANIFEST (LM#10) invites artists/performers of various fields as well as artistic process facilitators to collect, question and research different TOOLS FOR CREATIVE GROUP PROCESSES and applying them in performative actions in public spaces.
The main goal is to gather methods which support a collective unfolding of performance making. In particular, we are interested in deepening individual and collective awareness through different access points, such as body and mind, sharpen the listening and enhance the value of constructive communication. The second objective is an immediate hands-on application of those tools in creating performative statements in the public space.

In daily labs, participants will share their ideas for performance in public spaces (the idea does
not have to be mature and can have personal, political or social motivation). The role of the facilitator will be to support the group in navigating its collective work (by sharing tools for collective decision making, increasing trust, creating connection) while each participant will actively feed the collective expanding knowledge by its creativity and engagement. The facilitator will collect the outcome(s) which will be presented each afternoon in one or more public spaces (the specific areas will be posted day by day online in form of a Facebook – event).

LABORMANIFEST is characterized by its communal spirit. In addition to the topic and a few scheduled events, there is always space for spontaneous initiatives and activities, which are highly appreciated.

How to apply:
If you are interested in the topic and you wish to engage in the Research-Labs and contribute to the collective vision of LM#10 please apply:

1: AS FACILITATOR with a proposition of a specific METHOD / TOOLS of holding
space and facilitating/mediating a group process.
More about the role of the facilitator: you are not a project leader neither a
choreographer but someone that collects given by participating artists ideas,
and navigate the whole group in its creative process. Every facilitator has a possibility to choose to be part of the creation or not.
Apply with → defined and described Facilitating Method idea & biography

2: AS PARTICIPATING ARTIST You will support the group creative process with
Your profession as a: dancer, performer, musician, multimedia artist etc.
as well as share your creative ideas, questions, specific focuses of
performative researches in public spaces, and be ready to dive into
the unknown of the group creative process.
Apply with → a few words of motivation with ways of contributing to the
week (profession, performative ideas and interests) & biography


Please send your application until 15th February 2020 to

For further information, please visit

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