A deeper look into Laban Movement Analysis as a tool for choreographic creation. 

The theme of this workshop in particular is the need to connect to our deepest being and the environment around us. With this positive listening we can heal and strengthen the beauty and harmony of the Universe. 

Where: Sunset Dance Space, Brescia, Italy

When: June 9,10,11 2023 

Deadline for applications: June 5th 2023 

Creative Dance was first theorized by the choreographer of Hungarian origins Rudolf Laban. Dance was to him a means of communication for anybody, so he would create sessions both for people who wanted to make dance their job and for people who wanted to enjoy the beauty of dance for their own personal interest. Dance was to him a way to self-knowledge and of spiritual expression (see Rudolf Laban, an extraordinary life by Jean New Love and John Dalby). Many books and essays originated from his research about movement in all its aspects, in particular the so called Movement Analysis. Daniela is giving during the workshop her personal perception of LMA (Laban Movement Analysis) – this technique is even more interesting for the room it gives to personal creativity-and during the time together it will be a tool to create special connections with our own self and with other people, and transform them into dance. First Daniela will shortly introduce key elements of LMA, and then some of them will be experienced through practice. We will starting with a preparatory warm-up and some modern dance sequences, and then different tasks will be introduced in order to activate the individual and the collective creative paths. Connecting will be a way to dive into our self, find something precious and make it visible, maybe not easy to be understood, but perceived thanks to a short dance, our dance. When we feel that a movement belong to us, that we feel good in a situation, harmony is the dance inside of us. NB: the workshop will be held in Italian, but with English/German/French translation if needed. 

How to apply: 
By filling the form: https://forms.gle/74CTrUd3Z23TeeVKA

Costs for participants: *early bird €120, after May 31st €140

Contact details: 
email to:  sunsetdancespace@gmail.com
mobile: +39 3397282211

For further information, please visit: https://www.instagram.com/sunset_dancespace/ and https://www.instagram.com/danzasempre/   

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