KYKEON – a virtual reality trilogy that aims to expand audience perceptions through dance, data and shamanism. A new adaption online allows you to preview the project via web browser.

Where: online

When: May, June 2021

KYKEON is an immersive experience that intersects contemporary dance, art and VR technology to offer glimpses of a hidden world – through the eyes of a shaman. Created by independent Prague-based artist Mária Júdová and supported by Arts Council England and Goethe-Institut, the normally site-specific installation is now available for preview as a 360º video online.

“Shamans and traditional healers across different cultures wear masks that block their eyesight, in order to gain greater interior vision,” explains Judová. “So I began to wonder, what if we could use VR masks not to blind us or to hide behind, but to help us become more conscious?”

The trilogy aims to address a growing loss of community and empathy in modern culture. The title, KYKEON, refers
to the ritualistic potion that was drunk in Ancient Greece and believed to be the key to esoteric knowledge. By combining dance practice and immersive technology, the project’s main goal is to reexamine ancient ritualistic and
folkloric practices as a way for moving forward as a society.

“Virtual Reality can literally be that window into a rich world that we are just not aware of,” says Judová. “It can expand
our perceptions.”

Exhibition dates for KYKEON in Europe and Asia in 2021 are currently in the works; until then, visitors can preview the project via web browser in a new adaption online.

You can simply find and preview 360º videos on

Free for participants.

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