Join the next edition of the summer international contemporary dance workshops in the Krakow Choreographic Centre! All the advanced and middle advanced dancers are welcome to KCC Dance Intensive, 26-31 August 2019. In the program, we have classes of Ricardo Ambrozio and Joseph Lee. Additionally, there will be Body-Mind Centering with Iwona Olszowska and AcroYoga Therapeutic Flying & Thai Massage session with Tomasz Pacan.

Where: Krakow Choreographic Centre, Krakow, Poland

When: 26-31 August 2019

Deadline for applications: 19 August 2019

Address: Nowa Huta Cultural Centre, al. Jana Pawla II 232, Krakow, Poland

10:00-1:00 Ricardo Ambrozio
2:30-5:30 Joseph Lee
5:45-7:00 Iwona Olszowska (Monday, Tuesday) / Tomasz Pacan (Thursday, Friday)

We offer a possibility of accommodation in Nowa Huta Cultural Centre in the form of a place to sleep in the collective room, with access to toilets and showers. Each participant should ensure a foam pad or a mattress and sleeping bag on her/ his own.

Price of the workshops:
The regular price of the workshops and accommodation is 350 euro. The payment should be made until the 19th of August. Your place is guaranteed after making the full payment.

Extra events:
In the evenings (Wednesday evening is free!) we invite you to spend time together. We will integrate, go to the swimming pool or sauna and explore Krakow.

Application form:

The organizer of the KCC Dance Intensive is the Krakow Choreographic Centre – Nowa Huta Cultural Centre.


Ricardo Ambrózio
Born in the south of Brazil, Ricardo Ambrózio lived in Rio de Janeiro, where he had the opportunity to experience the best and the worst of Brazilian culture and day-to-day life. His first contact with rhythm and movement was at the age of 6. After meeting and working intensively with Flavia Tapias, a Brazilian dancer, teacher and choreographer, Ricardo immersed himself deeper in dance and attended the ‘Faculdade Angel Vianna’ for two years. At the age of twenty, he left Brazil to go to Lisbon, Portugal, to attend the ‘Escola Superior de Dança’ and work with some companies (Companhia de Dança de Almada, Company Instável). At this time he also started to develop his own work as choreographer and teacher by blending all the influences that he had experienced in dance with a lot of energy and momentum. After working with Helder Seabra in Company Instável (Porto, Portugal), he moved first to Amsterdam and then to Brussels to work with Bruno Caverna, Gerard Mosterd, Dogwolf (Chris de Feyter), Willy Dorner and Ultima Vez (Wim Vandekeybus). While working with the Belgian company Ultima Vez, Ricardo Ambrozio has started to gather his own cultural projects (choreography, video, text and photo) under one name, one roof, one mark: Untamed. In August 2014 he left Ultima Vez in order to invest all his time and energy in his own creations and collaborations. He was part of the last two creations of Helder Seabra/ Helka “When the birds fly low, the wind will blow” and “In Absentia” and is currently dancing in « Le Terrier » by Samuel Lefeuvre and Flor Demestri. Never dropping his urge to create 2016 brought a solo “A sweet lullaby to Mr. Nameless”, a duet with Celine Werkhoven “Homemade”, the second piece of Untamed Productions “Homo Urbanus” and a remake of Untamed’s first piece ”Mind’s Mausoleum”. The new Untamed creation 2017 « Raízes » has been touring to Mexico, Holland, Portugal and Belgium while Ricardo remains fully engaged in the new dance education training « Performact » he co-founded in Portugal in 2016. From now on he will dedicate five years to his longterm project “Portraits” consisting of 40 Portraits over 5 years. Eager to hand on his movement language, he has been invited to teach internationally (Berlin, Brussels, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Torres Vedras (PT), Barcelona, Salzburg, Tilburg).

Untamed Method
A workshop of high physicality, based on elements of flying low, parkour, break dance, martial arts and capoeira in order to establish a language in common, and explore the limits of each one, stretching them until the limit and further.
Untamed method aims to unleash the unknown power that our body and mind releases in situations of extreme stress, danger and/or pleasure. Fed by basic natural ways of movement (like animal styles of movement and natural reflexes and actions), it awakes our primitive instincts and capacity of reaction.

Joseph Lee
Joseph Lee was born in Hong Kong and he began his dance training at the age of seventeen. Graduated from Chinese University of Hong Kong and The Place, London Contemporary Dance School. Lee is interested in expanding the imagination in choreography by redefining the territory o performance and examining the very nature of dance. His recent interests lie on the reading, transfer and re-presentation of bodily experience, as well as reflection and questioning of the performative nature rooted in the daily life of contemporary society.
Lee joined Unlock Dancing Plaza as an apprentice upon his return at the beginning of 2015 and became their resident artist afterwards. He was awarded Arts Development Award for Young Artist; the Chin Lin Foundation of Emerging Choreographer.
Recent Choreography includes Folding Echoes (2016), The World Was Once Flat (2018) and Drifting (2019).

Spaces inside/around/for Me
The workshop consists of physical exercises to build up comprehensive awareness of our body as well as the space it created and in relation to. By using different tools for improvisational tasks, participants will have points of departure for their imagination and finally points of arrival in their own body with their interests of research. The materials, qualities and ideas that they find in the process will then be further developed in different directions and forms with the use of choreographic mindset. It offers a chance and space for us to look closely, as well as distantly, into the physical body and the possibilities to bring that into the creative process in choreography.

Iwona Olszowska / BMC
Dancer, choreographer, contemporary dance teacher. As a teacher, she specialises in body awareness, improvisation, contact, and improvisation as performance. She has a Somatic Movement Educator certificate based on the Body-Mind Centering® approach. She created her own dance style, called the “spiral flow dynamic”. Co-founder and artistic director of the EST Experimental Dance Studio (1989), carrying out structured improvisation, lecture-performance, and site-specific projects – pioneering activities in Polish dance at the time of its establishment. She created the “Obszar tańca” (“Dance Area”) series at the BARAKAH Theatre in Kraków. Author of solo performances and group choreographies, e.g. for the Polish Dance Theatre. She has also created stage movement for drama theatres – in a total of about 40 productions. She has conducted coaching sessions concluded with performances, including “Falling After Paxton” in Toruń, Łódź, Białystok, and Wrocław. She has worked on projects with Pracownia Fizyczna, Renata Piotrowska, Marta Pietruszka, Magda Przybysz, Jacek Owczarek, Anna Haracz, Natalia Iwaniec, and internationally with Liz Lerman, Risa Jaroslow, Maida Withers, Pierre Deloche, and Michael Schumacher, She has won awards for her choreographies, for consistently following her own creative path, and for her stage personality, and received scholarships from the Batory Foundation and the ArtsLink programme in New York. For several years now, she has been working with musician Marcin Janus and dancer and performer Paweł Konior, basing her choreographies on the BMC and structured improvisation approach.

Tomasz Pacan / AcroYoga Therapeutic Flying & Thai Massage session
Bound with movement since childhood. Seven years experience in the acrobatic and dance team, athletics, nine-year yoga practice instilled a constant need for physical activity, and taught to find joy in it. Certified AcroYoga International level 2 teacher. He develops his body awareness also through contemporary dance, contact improvisation, physical dance, GAGA, animal flow. The ability to combine acrobatic experiences with yoga and dance fascinated him absolutely. Delighted by the moment in which the lines of many forms of movement have the opportunity to meet. Tomasz conducts regular AcroYoga classes at all levels in Krakow. He is the organizer of jams, workshops, artistic projects, international events. Invited as a teacher to international AcroYoga, yoga or dance festivals and events.

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