Keep Dancing in Chaotic Times

Where: L’Atelier, Porte de Hal, Brussels, Belgium

Deadline for registrations:
26 June 2017

To Dance along chaos in our world.
To Dance as a final act of resilience and resistance.
To Dance with uncertainty in order to celebrate joy.
To Dance with the world as it is. To Dance with the unknown.
To Dance within these images and emotions, and let them put us into motion.

How do we reveal ourselves through movement and voice? How do we transform ourselves as we listen to multiple dimensions of reality and as we make decisions beyond a rational or linear logic? How do we let ourselves be changed by the movements of the world and the presence of others? And how do we turn choice into action?

This 3-days intensive workshop will be a collective and individual research and creation process. It will be focused on the relation between body, sound and space as well as on the question of composition in performance art. This workshop offers an opportunity to take the stage, research movement while being observed, find new tools for creation and take risks to find one’s voice. The goal will be the creation of a (or more) performance based ritual project.

An important focus will be given to the physical and energetic warm-up of the body-voice including exercises and improvisations inspired from Mexican Ritual Buto, Continuum Movement, Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong, Sound Yoga and Indigenous practices.

30 June between 18.00-21.00
1 & 2 July between 10.00-17.00
Price: 140 euros
Camille is a performer and a teacher active internationally. She uses dance, image and sound as mediums originating in the body (social/political/biological). She has been working with several indigenous communities (in Africa, Mexico, North America) and Europe, in order to learn their healing traditions. She is looking how to develop the full potential of the human body; helping to release tensions so that its intelligence could be fully expressed.
picture by Anne Laure Lemaire

To apply, please send an email to

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