2 day intensive FLESH & BONE INTENSIVE workshop with Joss Carter at K5 Studio, London. ***Lunch included***

Where: K5 studio, London, UK

When: 10am – 4pm // 23rd & 24th March 2019

Deadline for applications: 22.03.19

***This workshop is accessible to student and professional dancers, actors, physical theatre / immersive performers, motion & performance capture artists, creature performers, circus artists and anyone else working within the performing arts and/or specialised movement such as martial arts, yoga and stunts within stage, TV and Film.

Watch trailer here: https://vimeo.com/226736943

Joss Carter’s ‘FLESH & BONE INTERROGATIONS’ is a distinct and radical practise of movement and theatre that investigates blossoming, decaying, distorting, exhausting and nourishing the psychology, anatomy and spirit of each participant as individuals and as a collective through devised improvisation and primitive, classical and contemporary forms and techniques through exploration of Joss’ own individual creative concepts and ideologies of the human condition for the performing artist and movement practitioner.

Each morning commences with a group introduction to communicate a self-awareness of each individual’s current states of being to create an open, safe and respectful habitat before progressing to an in-depth approach to the fundamental techniques of Joss’ distinctive training, choreographic and performance methodologies including:

* – Challenging beauty within the grotesque and the normality within the absurd.
* – Summoning up spirits, creatures, demons, devils and gods from the conscious and unconscious through imagery and purification loops.
* – Stretching and shrinking the kinesphere though internal tremors, eruptions, cyclones and vortex’s.
* – Discovering extremes of tension and relaxation through bouncing, falling, impact, and rebounding from the floor and other bodies.
* – Energising, exhausting and sustaining through the efficiency of a forced and conscious breath.
* – Manipulating the physical form into unknown territories.

‘FLESH & BONE INTERROGATIONS’ are based around a social anarchism that aims to empower the growth and well being of each individual through stripping the ego of to find unconditional trust, compassion, love and respect for oneself by enhancing the professional, and understanding the personal lives of each participant in the studio which can then be passed onto the lives of other human beings in the real world.

Self discipline, self sacrifice, purging, purification, and mortification of the physical and mental being is vital to not only expand artistic identity but to also infiltrate and educate the wellbeing and dexterity of each individual. Through a non judgemental, honest, caring, sensitive and intimate environment we shall recognise the importance of independence, camaraderie, self contemplation and social congregation.

Joss Carter is a UK contemporary dance theatre performer, movement specialist, creature performer, live artist, choreographer, and teacher. Graduating from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in 2010 he has since performed internationally with the likes of Gary Clarke Company, T.R.A.S.H., Tilted Productions, BalletBoyz, Russell Maliphant, Lea Tirabasso, Secret Cinema plus many other companies and choreographers.

Joss works within T.V. and Film as a movement specialist/creature performer and has worked on titles such as:
‘The Mummy’ (2017) starring Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella. Directed by Alex Kurtzman (Sleepy Hollow/Transformers). Movement Direction by Alex Reynolds (World War Z/Fantastic Beasts) & Charlie Mayhew (World War Z/Curfew).

‘Curfew’ (2019) starring Sean Bean, Miranda Richardson. Directed by Colm McCarthy (Black Mirror/Peaky Blinders). Movement Direction by Dan O’Neill (DV8/HUMANS) & Charlie Mayhew. (World War Z/The Mummy)

He also has experience in Motion Capture and Stunt work.

He regularly teaches company, community, educational and professional development classes and workshops internationally including: Sadler’s Wells (UK), Greenwich Dance (UK), TripSpace Projects (UK), The Place (UK), Northern School of Contemporary Dance (UK), Birmingham Dance Network (UK), and in Montreal and New York.

Joss is co-coordinator of K5 Studio. An independent creative North London, where he programs workshops, events and other artist support and development.

As a DIY independent maker and creative producer he has crafted his own body of internationally performed solo works including ‘The Ravenous Flight of Misanthropy’, ‘SALVATION’, ’MISERY FLESH’, and ‘Anatomy of the Heart’.

His work is a transgressive surreal hyper-realism that challenges history, belief, culture and fantasy and fetish. Through the disruption of physical and mental states of the performer, his audience’s are transcended through a cathartic journey of visceral concepts and an awakening of the senses that question the existence of humanity and existence.


“These workshops seem so fundamental to being human.”

“The workshops bring me back to myself from a deep place of identity – my own cellular make up is disturbed, shaken, vibrated, energised and chemically changed.”

“It disturbs the social norms that we fall into when we encounter daily life, it gives me a different lens with which to look at the world, it promotes empathy, generosity and passion.

“Joss’ approach of teaching, and generosity of sharing his vast knowledge of movement is absolutely amazing.”

“It was very refreshing, from a dancer’s point of view, to find myself in a non-judgmental, loving environment which I believed encouraged us all to take risks and fully explore the given tasks.”

“Joss established a sense of community and trust within the group from the very start, which created a space for pushing the body to physical and mental extremes.”

Also included in the price!!!
Is is a soup? Is it a chilli? Is it a baked potato? No, it’s an apple tart!

Joss will be cooking up a storm and making a fresh lunch and pots of tea each day suitable for all your dietary needs and allergy requirements.

As part of Joss Carter’s K5 Studio programming for 2019, he is excited to announce that he will be again facilitating the ‘Dancers Massage Exchange’. This 4 hour session is open to all dance and movement practitioners who have a knowledge and understanding of nervous, skeletal, muscular therapy and want to both give and receive quality physical treatment to iron out all their aches and pains in a safe, respectful, communicative, social environment at an extremely affordable cost (£15 pp).

As a participant of the K5 Studio Workshops you will receive free access to this exchange. Allow yourself the time to wind down the mind and body after an energetic weekend with a nice relaxing massage.

DME will occur on the Sunday after each workshop from 5pm – 9pm. Participants are kindly asked to bring fresh and/or homemade food/drink (dietary and allergy friendly) to share for an indoor picnic.

K5 STUDIO is a non-commercial, non-funded, independent live/work studio space located within the thriving artistic and communal gates of a residential warehouse complex in Manor House, North London.

The 8mx8m studio space has been created to be an open, sacred environment where artists can thrive in a nourishing space away from the conformities and pressures of other studios or organisations.

Joss, and the other residents of K5 studio have supported artists and the community through open level, beginner, advanced and professional experiences in contemporary dance, circus, aerial and silk, yoga and meditation, writing, life drawings, male and female circles, mask work, puppetry, mime, contact improv, ecstatic dance, movement medicine, health & nutrition, ecology, massage, tantra, sacred sexuality, shamanism, film, wrestling and R&D’s to name but a handful.

Joss would like to thank everyone who has been involved with K5 over the past years. The help, support, encouragement and interest that has been shown allows us to keep creating events and also to support artists. 🙂

To register, visit www.josscarter.eventbrite.co.uk

Costs for participants: £100 (10% discount available to Students & Equity/Spotlight members. Please email info@josscarter.co.uk for codes)

Contact details:info@josscarter.co.uk

For further information please visitwww.JossCarter.co.uk