The fabulous Julyen Hamilton is delivering his Workshop ‘Space and the Base” in Barcelona, sharing his inspiring approach to improvisation, composition, time, music and space.

Where: Barcelona, Spain. Venue to be confirmed.
The space will be provided with all the sanitary security measures needed due to COVID-19 situation.

When: March 29th to April 9th 2021. Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 15:00hrs


Julyen is delivering an intense two-week workshop, from 29th March to 9th April 2021 in Barcelona.
It’s a 50-hour intense workshop, from Monday to Friday, 5 hours per day from 10h to 15h.

SPACE and the BASE
(read in any order)
given space – we imagine.
given base – we can make movements in space.
space is the material in which we dance.
it is into space that we sense ourselves moving,
and being.

space is what invites us to move, to be here and then elsewhere.

base is the place where we connect to ground,
base is the place where we are now.

In the workshop we will study and gain abilities in both these areas, essential to our dancing and dance-making.

Julyen Hamilton 2021

PRICE: 450€

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FEE: 200€

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Looking forward to seeing you there,


Valentina and Johann
Atlético Terciopelo

JULYEN HAMILTON is a dancer / choreographer / poet / teacher / musician. He has been making and performing dances for 45 years throughout the world. Born and brought up in England he trained in London in the 1970’s, a time of radical experimentation, he has been an exponent of innovative performance since that time. His work is mostly improvised : he composes dance works instantly as well as the texts which often accompany them.
His work with text is unique. It fuses naturally his long-term writing practice with his refined skills in dancing.
When working with his company ALLEN’S LINE he directs dancers and lighting designers to make and perform work through this same immediacy.
Since the 80’s he has performed constantly in close collaboration with many of the highest quality musicians from all over Europe. It is with some of these musicians that he gives readings of his poetry.

He is at present performing the solos ‘INTERVIEW’and ‘HELD DEAR’ and performing with bass player Barre Phillips amongst many others.

With his company ALLEN’S LINE, he has been performing their latest piece ‘BURST’ in Rome, Paris, Bruxelles and France.
They will perform their latest piece “THIRST” during 2021.

As a pianist he plays regularly with Hamilton Carroll in Berlin and Brussels. Their first cd ‘POINTER’ was released in 2016.
His label ‘BLUEDOG’ produces videos of his performances on DVD. CDs and print. His new poetry album ‘Jack Gets Out of Prison’ with bassist Wilbert de Joode was released in 2018.

— — — — — — —


“ JULYEN HAMILTON ‘s movement is as soft and easy as silk lying on your skin.. Yet his turns of speed can leaves you gasping, wondering what you missed while you blinked.
Suddenly a foot hooks behind a knee and he is on the floor.
In another context it would be considered a partial fall, but the elegance with which it occurs takes us by surprise and forestalls the traditional guffaw in response.
The gestures, words and chants that seem somehow familiar yet also so strange were a feature of the evening, often subverting any interpretation we might impose upon his actions.

Hamilton’s work reflects the rejection of theatricality, overt expressionism, and explicit meaning adopted by choreographers from both sides of the Atlantic in the ‘70s.
Hamilton’s movement articulation seemed to eminate from the very centre of his body and traverse pathways out through the limbs with such a clarity we could sense them.

As I got up to leave I was extremely conscious of my own movement and remembered the privilege of dancing.’

Hilary Crampton
Herald sun

“……… -Kontrast mit Hamilton. Leergeraumt die Reisenhalle.
Aber Hamilton, der ewege Gauker, fullt sie – spielend. Leichfusstig pirscht der durchs Halbdunkel. Heult seine Indianerklage. Tanzelt zwischen langen Scheinwerfer-Strahlen (Svante Grigarn-light). Beschwort und verbannt Erinnerung. Stammelt keine Ratsel-Botscaften, die wir zu entschlusseln suchen – wahrend sie ihn schon wieder zu neuern Luftfecten, Schattenboxen und Mondseiltanzen anggetrieben haben.

Bewegung funkt und flammt aus ihm heraus, standig, doch immer uberascend. Ungebardig und doch kontrolliert, in der kleinen wie in der grossen Form. Form, die keine Konstruch is, sondern Notwendigheit, auch ein Stuck geliebtes Leben – und deshalb interessiert.”

Malve Gradinger

“immer radikal, personlich. Ein Ausnahme-Artist.”

Gabriella Lorenz

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