Julie Mauskop is looking for 2 Female dancers, Performance Art/Choreographic work: Candy’s flesh, Flesh’s candy.

Performance connects to paintings in the space.

Where: Amsterdam, Netherlands

When: Around 8 hours rehearsing spread throughout 2-3 sessions in March 2018 as well as the performance date tba

Deadline for applications: March 1

The general idea of the work: Switching between animal and machine, sleep and awake, hiding and exposing, conveyed by particular movements/gestures/actions in the choreography, while exploring your relation to the other and at other times the lack thereof.

2 practice sessions (to be filmed) and 1-2 performances (for a small visual art and dance crowd)

The space is also where the paintings were created and functions as an art studio, apartment and dance space.

Send an email to JMauskop@gmail.com with Candy’s flesh, Flesh’s candy as the subject, as well as your dates of availability in March.

For further information about Julie Mauskop, please visit http://cargocollective.com/JulieMauskop

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