Joy Alpuerto Ritter & Lukas Steltner – Urban Contemporary Movement Workshop
The 2-Days Workshop combines movement material from Joy and Lukas influenced and inspired by different dance styles. They combine Contemporary Dance, Hip Hop and Breaking. Joy Alpuerto Ritter and Lukas Steltner will share the movement material from their piece “Heimkehr”, which they will performance in the Studio Pro Arte.

Where: Studio Pro Arte, Freiburg, Merzhausen, Germany

When: 03. & 04. Oktober 2020 11-14h

Joy’s and Lukas’ Workshop combines their knowledge and movement material influenced and inspired by different dance styles like contemporary Dance, Hip Hop and Breaking. In the Workshop they will work on movement qualities that will include dynamic and rhythmical physicality, floorwork and also work on Isolations of different body parts. The Workshop will partly be based on choreographic material from their piece Heimkehr. Lukas and Joy are interested in movement concepts and in finding vocabulary through intention and an emotional approach which will be researched with improvisational tasks.

Joy Alpuerto Ritter was born in the USA and grew up in Freiburg. She shows her outstanding dancing quality in her versatility. She is proficient in Filipino folk dances, ballet, contemporary dance and urban dances such as voguing, house and hip hop / new style. She works as a dancer a.o. with the Akram Khan Company, Company Wangramirez, Christoph Winkler, Heike Hennig, Anja Kozik, Cirque de Soleil.
Lukas Steltner is a dancer and actor. He has his roots in breakdance and has worked with Heike Hennig & Co, Johann Kresnik, Hong Nguyen Thai together. In addition to his work as a freelance dancer and choreographer, he has engagements in numerous cinema and television films.

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