The School of Disobedience is looking for new “unlearning facilitators” who want to run a non-canonical, non-formal, and experimental workshop for our students in one of our five categories: Theory, Practice, Project, Wellbeing, Community.

Where: Budapest, Hungary

When: 5 days between Sept. 2023 – June 2024

Deadline for applications: December 3rd, 2022

The School of Disobedience is looking for new encounters, meeting new unlearning facilitators who want to run a non-canonical, anti-academic, and experimental workshop for our students.

➤ Length of your workshop:
5 days

➤ Nb of hours / day:
Up to you

➤ Period:
Sept. 2023 – June 2024

➤ Nb of students:

➤ You can apply in 5 categories:
1. Theory
You can decide to make a workshop on a short general introduction to a field of study (eg. sociology, psychology, geopolitics, dramaturgy…) or to be specific and focus on your personal research or PhD (eg. “Contemporary Caribbean Feminism”, “The visual arts of Africa: Gender, power, and life cycle rituals”, “Educational ethnography as performance art”, “Resilience in the Western Balkans”…).
2. Practice
(Eg. twerk, slam/poetry, dj/mixing, Hungarian folk dance, butoh, kathak, kickboxing, choral…)
You can decide to run a workshop on a performing art form, movement technique or body practice for example. We don’t make any hierarchy between street art, high art, academic art, traditional art & craft, pop culture…
3. Project
(Eg. research, creation, repertoire…)
You can decide to run an experimental- or research-workshop on your own performance creation project or to transmit to students one of your past pieces in form of a repertoire workshop for example.
4. Wellbeing
(Eg. aromatherapy, yoga, relaxation, massage, reflexology, naturopathy…)
5. Community
(Eg. tea ceremony, rainmaking ritual, excursion, hiking, collaborative & co-creating tools, community building & organizing practices…)

➤ We are especially – but not only – interested in propositions that are:
– far from western academic canons and beauty norms ;
– experimental, courageous, unusual, unconventional, risky ;
– echoing cultural, socio-political contexts ;
– questioning inequalities, power dynamics, oppression, social justice ;
– challenging hegemonic class, race, gender, normative behaviors, and dominant ideologies ;
– taking into consideration the locality (Hungary), and celebrating the region’s artistic and cultural richness (especially – but not only – Central- and Eastern Europe, Balkan Region).

➤ You:
– We are looking for applicants with or without degree: we are interested in you, and not in your papers.
– We appreciate risk-takers, people who are not afraid of failing, who are willing to progress, to gain new experiences, and to step out of their comfort zone.​
– If you are a fighter, a warrior, a punk, a dissident, a marginal, an outsider, you should definitely apply.
– We want to build a beautifully cross-cultural team, celebrating diversity in many forms (cultural, race, age, sex, gender, disability…).

➤ Conditions:
– Covered accommodation
– Travel budget: 150€
– Salary: 200-600€ (Depending, among others, on your experiences and on the category you are applying for)

➤ More about us:
At the intersection of performance art, research, non-formal education, and community activism, the “School of Disobedience” was dreamed up and created by Anna Ádám, as part of her artistic practice. The project is divided into three main interconnected activities: non-canonical and decolonial art education (Performance+Art School), women empowerment (Feminist Fight Club), and healing (Summer Camps).
The “School of Disobedience” wants to be a new form of resistance, an anti-fast art, a collective healing garden, an ode for sincerity and courage, a passionate and radical platform for simple actions and small changes.

➤ Important:
You keep the copyright of your workshop and will always be credited accordingly.

➤ Our statement:
In the “School of Disobedience”, you are encouraged to produce and share knowledge and tools to imagine the framework for a new economy of performing arts, in which the focus is switched from competition, career, fame, glory, and visibility to mutualisation, cooperation, collaboration, support, and care. A new world, where you don’t have to obey other’s gaze, and judgments, handle the profession’s pressure, and respond to gatekeeper’s and standard-bearer’s expectations. Putting the body, emotions, and critical theory on the same level, this new world is constructed beyond dualisms, where you constantly look for ambiguity, nuances and different shades of grey, celebrate in-betweens, wiggle rooms, doubt, and uncertainty, welcome diversity, applaud critical and divergent thinking, celebrate disagreement, dissent, resistance, and nonconformity. You unlearn western aesthetics, academic canons, beauty norms, manners and patterns in contemporary performance art, and relearn how to dare to behave differently, create unconventionally, think outside-of-the-box.
You are given a chance to build collectively a structured “creative healing space” to connect, collaborate, learn, and create with fellow members.
A space, where you can reflect on yourself as both an individual and member of a community.
Where you can find ways to support yourself and support others.
Where you can progress, move forwards, grow.
Gain confidence and strength from friendship, trust, and togetherness.

➤ What is “School”?
​​For a school of tomorrow, we want to create an environment that is above all joyful and positive, where students are accepted, respected, challenged, where beyond constructive criticism they receive encouragement. Where students are neither put in boxes, nor judged. Where students can express themselves openly and simply. Where they are taught autonomy and independence without being abandoned, where they are accompanied and supported in their projects and in their dreams. Where students not only have the right to go against canons, traditions, conventions and norms, but where they are encouraged to do so. Where other forms of knowledge than theoretical are also considered and taught. Perception, empathy, emotions, intuitions.
Personal stories, life experiences.
In the school of tomorrow teachers do not tell students what to think, what to believe in, but open “doors” for them and offer them a multitude of possibilities, knowledge, tools, ways of doing and ways of seeing things. Teachers do not take advantage of the young age and the extreme sensitivity of the students to influence them, to transmit to them their personal convictions and struggles. Rather they teach them critical thinking, doubt and skepticism.
Open-mindedness, curiosity, empathy.
This school would then be human, warm, and generous.
This school is going to raise students, teach them to trust in themselves, believe in themselves, be themselves.
This school will make students become authentic, sincere and courageous.
​That’s how they will face the world.

How to apply:
Application process:
– 1st step: Fill our our online Application Form:
– 2nd step in case of successful application: Online one-on-one discussion with the program creator

Contact details:
Ask / feedback anything: (at)

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