Workshop with Jesus Guiraldi – Movimento Constante – during the Frei Art Festival.

Where: Studio Pro Arte, Freiburg, Germany

When: 16.09.2021

The Movimiento Constante (Constant Movement) workshop offers research on the physical
Condition of the body, which allows the body to move through a constant state of motion,
Bringing creation and experimentation into deep awareness.
The aim of the workshop is to create a unique and singular work of art as a result of improvisation
to create that therefore adapts to any type of physical or scenic space and to a
different number of actors can be adjusted.
Different movement approaches make it possible to adapt new forms of movement to individual and
personal way of feeling, interpreting, applying. During the workshop we will
Practicing contemporary dance in an urban style while sharing a common hip vocabulary
Hop, breakdance and parkour as well as circus and folk dance as tools for development and
Use enrichment of individual research. The focus is on improvisation
our proposal for the workshop, the main features of which become endless and spontaneous
lead composition.

The laboratory is developed in successive phases:
• Finding efficient and immediate ways to get into the state of CONSTANTS
MOVEMENT to arrive.
• Awakening the physical memory of lived experiences that persist in it
are present.
• Trust in spontaneous intuition as an impulse to act (with oneself, with others and
with the group).
• Approaching the use of different techniques and languages.
• Research and development of a hybrid body in which each part is in the dramaturgy
is included.
• Combination of different artistic forms of movement and expression.
• Infinite improvised movement

Workshop Details:
9:30 – 12:15 h & 13:15 – 16h
Studio Pro Arte

About Jesus Guiraldi:
JUAN JESÚS GUIRALDI is a dancer, choreographer, teacher and
performer, born in Buenos Aires in 08.01.1988 and graduated
Choreographic Composition, Dance, Folk Dance and Tango at the
Universidad Nacional De Arte of Buenos Aires.
He is artistic director of “Movimiento Constante”, a platform for
research on body movement and of the Post-Graduate School “EME”
(Especializacion, Movimiento, Experimentacion) of Buenos Aires.
Together with his Dance Company UNA CONSTANTE he is promoter
and director of the FESTIVAL CONSTANTE, which takes place in Buenos
Aires since 2014 every year bringing together artists from around the
Foto: LIMA
He starts his career dancing with the Ballet Folklórico Municipal San Isidro in Buenos Aires and joins
different Dance Companies (the Compañía Mitimaes, Compañía Andante, Grupo Coreográfico el Aleph and
the C.A.D. (Combinado Argentino de Danza).
His further education is based on others disciplines such as Hip Hop, Break-Dance, Acrobatic, Parkour and
Circus and above all on contemporary dance, whose passion brings him to travel all over the world.
Constantly engaged in the research of new languages of the body, he participates in workshops with David
Zambrano, Laura Aris, Peter Jasko, Thomas Hauert, Erica Sobol, Andrés Labarca, Rakesh Sukesh, Shay Faran,
Marko Fonseca and Raul Matinez (Los Innatos Company), Edgardo Mercado, Roxana Grinstein, Carlos
Casella, Leticia Miramontes, Analía González, Luis Baldasarre, Gerardo Litvak, Gabriel Contreras, Carlos
Trunsky, Manuel Vallejos, Alejandra Libertella.
His “Movimiento Constante” workshops are known in Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Perú, Colombia, Costa Rica,
South Africa, Spain, France, England, Ireland, Austria, Russia, Israel.

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