Weekend Improvisation Workshop with Jermaine Spivey co-presented by Performance Research Project and SFU.

Where: Online. Streamed from LA hosted in Vancouver,CA

When: April 24+25 10-12 PST/ 1-3 EST/19.00-21.00 CET

Deadline for applications: April 24th 9am PST

Over the course of this 4 hour weekend workshop, Jermaine will delve into his theory and practise of defining technique as a progressive understanding of coordination, paired with but not exclusively governed by form. Through reorientation with essential motor functions (ex. flexing, extending, opposing, rotating, swinging, shifting weight, falling) dancers will practice increasing their capacity for observing what is happening and then shaping responses to the motivations leading their physical bodies in space. We are thrilled to share and experience the practise of this brilliant artist who we all know from his incredible work with Kidd Pivot.

Streaming on Zoom.

Co-Presented by and Inverso Productions/ Performance Research Project and SFU Woodward’s Cultural Programs in association with SFU School for the Contemporary Arts

Book here:

Costs for participants:
FULL: $70 Canadian / $56 US / 41 Pounds / 47 Euros
ONE DAY ONLY $35 Canadian / $28 US / 20.50 Pounds / 23.50 Euros

Contact details: Lesley Telford

For further information, please visit performanceresearchproject.org

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