‘itous’ is a community dance project, by Danni Spooner, taking place at Dance4 in Nottingham during the 16th – 20th July 2018.
The project is looking for up to 15 queer/LGBTQ+ voluntary participants (age 16+) to spend five days with a queer/LGBTQ+ crew; exploring identity, gender, sexuality and queer culture. There will be an informal showing of what is created in these five days on the 20th July at Dance4.

Where: Dance4 in Nottingham, UK

When: 16th – 20th July

Deadline for applications:
1st July 2018

Unfortunately this is an unpaid position(s) and travel expenses cannot be covered.

However, the participants will gain:

photography of their involvement
film footage of the showing of the work and behind the scenes
an experience of working professionally in a performance setting
performance experience
a safe space to explore their identity
lunch will be provided every day

No performance experience necessary!

If interested please email itousdance@gmail.com

For further information please visit www.dannispooner.com

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