Luke Jessop is searching for up to 4 performers (2 female, 2 male) for the R+D process for his next creation, looking at gender equality and the differences between men and women.

Where: Antwerp, Belgium

When: 6th – 9th September 2021 (Followed by R+D, 13th-17th September)

Deadline for applications: 1st September 2021

The audition will be held in Antwerp, Belgium over the dates: 6th – 9th September 2021. Due to Covid regulations, only a limited number of people can be invited. The week after the audition, 13th – 17th September, will be a paid week of R+D that selected applicants are expected to be available for.

The applicants should have solid contemporary dance skills, excellent partnering ability, comfort in performing theatrically and using text, and good improvisational skills. Experience with contemporary floorwork, acrobatics, breaking, Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu or circus skills are a bonus, but not absolutely essential.

Due to the nature of the piece, Luke is looking for performers who can work with a fairly stoic mindset and have the ability to detach themselves (as much as possible) from sensitive issues within the research. Resilient performers and those with the ability to talk through and discuss complex social issues with a rational head are essential.

How to apply: Those who wish to apply should send an e-mail to with attached CV and links to videos of themselves moving. These videos should ideally show as much of your movement abilities as possible. (Please add in AUDITION to the subject headline of the email.)

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