A physical theatre/new contemporary dance SOLO Competition for all kind of performers interested in exploring borders between different languages [theatre/dance/circus]

Where: Portugal

When: May 15th-16th

Deadline for applications: March 10th


All performers or companies, from any nationality, gender, or age can apply with one solo piece.
The solo piece will be related to MOTHERHOOD, though the specific topic, vision and treatment is totally free.
The piece must lenght between 9 and 12 minutes.
It can be an already existing piece or new, as far as it is independent and understandable by itself, not related to a show or another pieces.
It is possible to apply with a work-in-progress piece, as long as at the moment of applying it might be clear what is it about, and has enough elements to value it properly. In this case, you can add a dossier or complementary information to your video, in order to give the most powerful image of your proposal. During the selection process, we might ask an update of the work.
We will accept VIDEO DANCE, with a special mention, always if the topic and timing is the same as the live solo.


The final will take place on 15th and 16th May 2023 in Portugal.


The aim of the IÓN SOLO CONTEST is to promote and help talented and restless performers who are working with news vision of Performance Dramaturgy.


All finalists will receive a diploma for their participation in the final of the competition. And will have the chance to participate as guests free of fee during the PHYSICAL on STAGE [Spring Intensive] Workshop by Carlos Rodero [https://www.facebook.com/events/487141356241229]:

Jury Award
A prize of 1.000 euros.
The opportunity to choreograph and/or perform a piece in a future edition.

Audience Award
A prize of 600 euros (during the final, a vote will be organized with the audience).

Video Dance Award
A prize of 600 euros
Projection of the first 6 selected during the final of the competition.
The two prizes (jury and audience) can be combined, which means that the same candidate could receive both prizes.


The competition jury is composed of personalities and professionals of the theatre, choreographic and contemporary performing arts sector. The list of jury members will soon be available.


The competition is open from 1st December 2022 to 10th March 2023. The registration documents and videos material necessary for the preselection must be sent through this GForm before 10th March 2023, at noon (12:00 Lisbon time, UTC+2). Any applications after deadline may not be considered.

Candidates must pay a non-refundable registration fee of 18 euros. This amount must be paid by bank transfer or by PayPal at the moment of applying. We will confirm receipt of the registration fee by email.

Candidates are responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses in Aveiro Portugal.
The organisers will offer though a chance to book a shared room in a Hostel with good and affordable prices.

The organizers accept no responsibility for any candidate presenting themselves at the contest with a handicap or injury that prevents them from participating in the competition.

The organizers do not assume any responsibility for accidents, illness or theft suffered by candidates during the competition. Candidates must insure themselves against accident, illness or theft.


Once we receive all the applications, there will be a selection based on the attached videos. We will choose 6 International performers and 6 Portuguese performers. For the VIDEO DANCE Section we will select 6 pieces. We will communicate this selection on 31st March 2023 and 28th April for the Vidodance projects.

Those 12 performers will participate in the final, Aveiro, Portugal, 15-16th May, where the jury and audience will decide the winner/s. The jury will value as well the best video dance from the 6 selected.


How different scenic languages are combined in the piece
How strong and effective is the communication with the audience
We will value specially pieces that do not require a sophisticated technical staff
Body strategies used in the piece
A new use of elements such as text, objects, music
Stage presence and ease
Structure of the piece
Use of space
Original and provocative proposals
Charisma, emotion, fluidity
Ability to assert oneself


The organisers are the only ones authorized to decide on any deviation from the competition rules. Besides any update in these rules of contest.
The decisions of the jury during the video selection phase are final and irrevocable.
The decisions of the jury during the final, as well as the awarding of prizes, are final and irrevocable.
Only the rules in this GForm are valid.


Portuguese law is applicable.


Fill this GForm, adding the requested information.
Upload your CV in a PDF file.
Upload or link the video of the piece
Pay the Registration Fee.
Upload the receipt.
Accept the rules [by accepting the rules you confirm that you hace the rights of use on the piece, choreography, music, text, etc]
Send the GForm
Once we receive your application, we will confirm to your email address.

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How to apply:
Please, fill this Application GForm https://forms.gle/1UteeLHGfZdUFpPCA

Costs for participants: 18 euros [Application Fee]

Contact details:
For all questions and proposals please contact Richard Banister ionsolocontest@protonmail.com
For general requirements you can write to miseroprospero@miseroprospero.com

For further information, please visit https://miseroprospero.com/

For more OPEN CALLS, please visit https://dancingopportunities.com/category/open-calls/