The new project “Carishina” winner of a ten-week residency with ZAWP Bilbao in the hACERIA hall is looking for people, in Bilbao and surroundings, coming from or with experience in #Circo, #Danza, #Teatro and/or #PerformativeArts with a desire to Play, for specific collaborations or with perspective.

Where: ZAWP, Bilbao

When: from March to April

It seeks to play with people, develop them and invent new rules about more traditional games.
This collaboration would be totally voluntary, I offer an open workspace to propose and play and my tools for composition and creation.
As Master’s final work, #Carishina, seeks to investigate two topics: Performativity from games and the expression of gender.
How to find and preserve the feeling of games to transfer it to performance. How to add layers of meaning to a game so that it can be sustained as an autonomous expressive concept. How to create a communication from the motivation to play no matter who or where. How to create a space in which the rules are fair and create possibilities for all its participants. How to elaborate play tactics for the same objective. How to make it important not to win or participate. How to pull people together How to find a pink cat in a #BosqueDeHipopotamos.
Choreographer and Concept: Atic H. Deba
Costumes: Sandra Arroniz
Assistant Director: Yahaira Orbegozo Cofiño
Movement Assistant: Aura Lobera
Dramaturgy Assistant: Francisco José Hidalgo López
Bachelor of interpretation in Theater of Gesture in Resad Madrid, Atic H. Deba with training in soil acrobatics and verticals in the School of Circus Carampa, develops his research since 2017 focusing on randomness and improvisation from a physical approach from the Master in choreography between the University of Codarts and Fontys in the Netherlands.

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