INTERPLAY: Kinaesthesia & Bodystates – a 2 day dance intensive for professional / advanced dancers and dance students.

Where: Toihaus Theater Salzburg, Austria

When: 21 & 22 January 2023


In my own practice and training throughout my dance career, I’ve always been inspired by techniques that allowed me to work with an organic natural flow.
I am inspired by sensory states and textures, kinaesthetic qualities and intensities in the body, informing movement; by imagery that allow us to find and explore a certain quality, to go deeper, discover more detail and richness.
We’ll love to explore the role of breath, of weight and momentum, like surfing a kinetic wave and energy stream, travelling through our body as well as into and through space, generating, carrying and supporting movement. Ourselves becoming movement in space – as there never really is stillness. Often the fluidity of the body and the element and movement of water are central to my practice.
At this occasion of performing in Salzburg [BLACK ASH, 21 January at Toihaus Theater), I would love to meet and invite local dancers to go on a deep dive together – from calm and subtle to energetic and explosive, from the inner ocean to the outside space, to the connection with others around us.
We’ll playfully explore ideas in open exercises as well as set material and some improvisational tasks.
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1: Warm Up 11:00 – 12.30/45
– break-
2: Exploration 13:00 -15:00

To register, please contact Andrea Hackl – – to receive the bank connection to transfer the workshop fee.

Costs for participants:
1 day = 40,- EUR,
both days = 70,- EUR

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