Alter Ego Theater and dance festival invites artists with their stage productions to participate in our official program, theatre critics to participate in the two sections’ discussion panel, and stage practitioners to lead a workshop during the educational program.

Where: Sofia, Bulgaria

When: October 16th-20th, 2023

Deadline for applications: June 30th 2023

The International Theatre Festival “Alter Ego” is organized by Theatre-Studio 4xC and is an attempt to create a meeting space for artists, whose creative searches lie in the field of the so-called “alternative theatre” – a concept so forced and empty in content that it naturally leads to the question: Alternative theatre – an alternative of what? This is the topic of the two discussions that will take place during the festival, in which artists and drama specialists from different countries are invited to participate.

Alter Ego’s program includes several performances, that stand out with their bold experimental search for avant-garde theatre. We invite you to apply for your performance in this year’s edition of the festival.

You can find more information about previous editions of the festival here:

How to apply: please, fill up the following application form:

Costs for participants: Travel expenses and visa if it is needed.

Contact details:
phone number: (359) 896 195 657

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