In their sixth season, the International ScreenDance Festival select and screen dance films from local filmmakers, national filmmakers, and international filmmakers.

Where: Virtual Screening in the US and Mexico

When: December 10th-18th

Deadline for applications: November 15th

Screen-Dance is a genre that combines choreography and moving image. This intersection of movement and cinema results in a distinctive, hybrid form of performance art that creates for a magical viewing experience. Dance has been a subject of film since the birth of cinema, but Screen-Dance is now becoming more accepted as a genre in its own right. Particularly in these COVID-19 pandemic times, restrictions on live performing arts have sparked a renewed interest in exploring dance on the screen – both in artists and audiences alike.

The International ScreenDance Festival 2021, in the spirit of being more inclusive, embraces new generations to the festival through the creation of two categories:

· Students of dance, choreography, film from any University.
· Professionals from around the world.

By creating a welcoming environment and fairness in the curative process, we believe that these categories demonstrate equity.

After submission review, the selected films will stream online from three different venues, both nationally and internationally.

Watch the 2021 promo video here:

The International ScreenDance Festival is a sponsored project of InterDance, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions on behalf of The International ScreenDance Festival may be made payable to InterDance and are tax deductible to the extend permitted by law.

Awards & Prizes
Category Awards:

College Student Artists Award for Outstanding Screendance
Professional Film Artists Award for Outstanding Screendance

People’s Choice College Student Artists Award for Screendance
People’s Choice Professional Film Artists Award for Screendance

Rules & Terms
• Maximum time for each submission is five minutes
• Only two submissions allowed per artist
• Date of completion of the submitted works, not older than 2018
• There are no limitations on submissions for films that have been presented at other festivals and/or online
• Films have to be connected with movement, choreography, dance or clear kinetic expression

Selected films must provide the following;
• High resolution still images (jpg, 300dpi)
• Description of the film or artistic statement (no longer than 150 words)
• An exhibition file for your film. We prefer 1920×1080 AppleProRes or H264 files
(.mov or .mp4)

Selection criteria:
• Innovation
• Composition
• Editing
• Over all Message
• Dance/Movement concept and execution

Curatorial team includes Michael Judge, Steven Erickson, Katrina McPherson, Daniel Fine, Marie Wilkes, Kevin Kelly, and Eloy Barragan.

Instagram: internatlscreendancefest

To apply, visit:

Costs for participants: $20 for Professionals, $10 for Students

Contact details: Please email: AND cc and

For further information, please visit

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