ACCCA (Companhia Clara Andermatt) and INAC (Instituto Nacional das Artes de Circo) are holding auditions for a new creation under the artistic direction of Clara Andermatt. We are seeking circus and dance artists with skills in acrobatic techniques, particularly ‘hand-to-hand’ combined force techniques, as well as contemporary dance. Strong emphasis will be placed on performative and theatrical skills.

Where: Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal

When: November 21st to November 24th:

Deadline for applications: until September 20th 2023

The selection of performers is guided by criteria of both technical and artistic qualities, without regard to age, gender, physical, intellectual, or social background. Our objective is to create a diverse, inclusive, and multidimensional ensemble.

Prizes Details:
Applicable during both rehearsal and performance periods.
The candidate will be responsible for all expenses related to travel, accommodation, and meals during the audition and rehearsal periods for the upcoming production. However, these expenses will be covered during the show’s tour, considering Vila Nova de Famalicão as the departure and arrival point.

August 29th to September 20th: International Open Call
October 12th: Announcement of results
November 21st to November 24th: Audition/Workshop;
January 10th/15th to February 15th: Intensive training in
combined forces balance and contemporary dance techniques
February to April: Creation rehearsals
April: Portuguese Premiere
May to September: Tour (possibility of additional dates beyond September)

How to apply:
By September 20th, candidates should submit the form along with their CV/artistic biography, letter of intent, and a link to a video (maximum 3 minutes) displaying their technical and artistic abilities, with an emphasis on dance and interpretation skills being highly regarded.
More info:

Contact details:
Miguel Pereira,
Project executive producer
968 707 686

Andrew Ossada,
Project executive producer
932 279 222

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