1st ever INTERNATIONAL Fusion Dance Theater Study CERTIFICATE!

Take your dance skills to the next level! Give your career a boost!

Where: Budapest / Hungary

When: 10th -30th of July 2017

For dance professionals (graduated, experienced and autodidacts) & students from 16 age and above (no limits)

CESA (Central European School of Arts) offers a 3 weeks International FUSION Dance Theater SUMMER (10-30 July 2017) Intensive with de KISS moves FUSION Dance Theater Company (Amsterdam) & INTERNATIONAL GUESTS!

International Certification of Dance Studies from: The International Dance Council CID, an official partner of UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. CID is the official umbrella organization for all forms of dance in all countries of the world.

3 weeks Intensive International FUSION Dance Theater course i.a. including:
– Contemporary, Urban, (Contemp.) Ballet, Modern-Jazz, Pilates & Yoga, FUSION classes & REPERTOIRE
– EXTRAS: Theoretical subjects such as: introduction to cultural management, cultural sociology and cultural economics.
– Daily schedule 9.00 – 18.00 with de KISS moves & GUEST teachers / choreographers!
– Limited places! DISCOUNT POSSIBILITIES & 1 Scholarship Possibility!

CESA (Central European School of Arts) Art meets Science meets Entrepreneurship: CESA.
Where a new generation of trendsetter artists come to life! Art forever & for everyone.

de KISS moves FUSION Dance Theater Company aims to fuse different kinds of dance techniques (academic ballet, folk and contemporary techniques with popular urban dance forms for instance) and music genres (classical, pop, rock, jazz, house and electric music to name a few). The conceptions and themes for its creations mainly consist of the updating of classical masterpieces and social relevant themes (mostly based on the fusion of scientific research and dance art).

Deadline for applications: 30th of June 2017, 17.00 o’clock

Early Bird Discount:
apply before 1st of April 2017, 17.00 o’clock

How to apply
Send your CV + photo: flab@dekissmoves.com
To increase your chances for acceptation in the program send us a dance video (online link!) where you are clearly visible.
Subject: CESA- FLAB Summer

Your Investment in Yourself is:
(Pre)Register for 1-2 or 3 weeks and save hundreds of euros!
Schedule: to be announced.

SAVE & (Pre)Register!
PER DAY: 75 EUR (22.500 HUF) / day (= 18.50 EUR / 5600 HUF / class)
1 WEEK (6 days): 345 EUR  (= 14,50 EUR / 4300 HUF / class)
2 WEEKS (12 days): 665 EUR  (= 13,50 EUR / 4100 HUF / class)
3 WEEKS (18 days)
FULL Certificate PROGRAM >>> 875 EUR (= 12 EUR / 3600 HUF / class)
Including a membership and a Certificate of FUSION Dance Theater from the International Dance Council!!
Check out our 20% DISCOUNT on 3 WEEKS!!!
FULL Certificate PROGRAM >>> 700 EUR (= 9.50 EUR / 2900 HUF / class)
(Including membership & certificate!)

Early Bird Discount! (Apply before 1st of April 2017!)
Fresh graduates (you got your diploma not more then 1 year ago)
Dancers who have already either worked with the de KISS moves, participated in a FLAB (International FUSION Laboratory Workshop/ Course of de KISS moves) or attended the company’s auditions the past 2 years (and have proof of this).
Bring a friend!

CESA & DKM offers a scholarship for a dancer, who will be able to take part in the 3 weeks program for FREE.  The participant will cover travel costs yet the whole course fee will be free of charge! Procedure: The lucky individual will be chosen at the end of the course, during the last day. CESA & DKM supports equal treatment, meaning, the scholarship will be based on a lottery system: The name of all participant will be written on a paper and the one that will be drawn from the lottery box, will be the lucky dancer who can attain their International FUSION Dance Theater Certificate for FREE!

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