International Creative Hub – audition for professional educational project of contemporary dance.

Where: Viale Tirreno 292, 00141 Roma, Italy

When: July 2021

Deadline for applications: 31/07/2021

ICH is a three-year professional educational project, organized by ASD BOUNCE.ME, located in Viale Tirreno 292, Rome.
This project is open to dancers who are at least 18 years old of age, who wish to enhance and improve their knowledge and abilities of the techniques and aspects of contemporary dance.
The subjects covered in this project are focused on the study of contemporary dance. The project consists of weekly classes, choreography workshops, and specific workshops (for instance, regarding the Gaga movement language). Moreover, participants will also have the opportunity to study ballet, hip hop and street dance, musical, pilates, yoga, and pbt.
For what concerns theory-based subjects, participants will study the foundations and history of dance, musical, foreign languages, anatomy, contract management, technical direction and preparation, and basis of audio and video mixing.
During the whole three-year period, participants will be supported by physiotherapy and nutrition professionals, who will be taking care of their physical and mental health.

How to apply: The Audition is in two ways:
in attendance on Friday 23 July, reservations required at
Online by sending a video of max 2 minutes and a short bio to the email

The Audition is free for participants.

For further information, please visit