Tilburg, The Netherlands – 9th until 13th of March 2019
Reflections on embodiment or
How the experience of our physicality influences the choreographic practice.

Where: Tilburg, The Netherlands

When: 09 – 13 March 2019

Deadline for applications: 12-12-2018


The International Choreographers Week (ICW) is a platform for meeting and exchange. It offers choreographers from all over the world the opportunity to learn from each other and enrich themselves despite – or perhaps because of – their differing approaches. Over the course of five days, a program of workshops, readings, introductory visits, meetings, meals, presentations and discussions is offered. With and by people with expertise from the dance world and other domains. The core of this program will be formed by the workshops of the international operating dramaturge Guy Cools (author of Imaginative Bodies, Dialogues in Performance Practices) and workshops and interviews with international operating choreographers.CONTENT
Our own bodies, the bodies of our dancers, the bodies of the audience, in the practice of a choreographer there are multiple bodies that influence how our work is made, communicated and received. The eight edition of the ICW zooms in on these bodies and follows the theme of ‘physicality – embodiment’. How do we experience our bodies nowadays, which factors are of influence in this experience and what does that mean in the choreographic practice? Migration, globalization, feminism, the rise of the New Age / consciousness culture. Influences from socio-cultural, technological and scientific angle are examined. In dialogue with the group as well as individually, we highlight which implicit and explicit ideas, assumptions and presuppositions about the body play a role and determine choices in choreographic research, in creating work and in formulating assignments to dancers. Do we mainly find consensus around the body and physicality or also ideological controversies?

The ICW revolves around dialogue, reflection, inspiration, confrontation and collaboration, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. Thanks to the participation of choreographers from all directions of the compass, there is constant interchange. Each participant is asked to share his or her craftsmanship and insights.

The week takes place in Tilburg, a town in the Netherlands where dance has a special place. The work will be done at various locations in the town, with Theater De NWE Vorst as the main location.

ICW is an activity of DansBrabant in collaboration with Fontys Dance Academy and Theater De NWE Vorst in the frame of Tilburg Dansstad, a collaborative venture of various partners in Tilburg.

The fee for participating in the week is €300,- This includes lunch, dinner and theatre tickets. The organization team of the ICW can help you find affordable accommodation in Tilburg.

Curious to know more? Please don’t hesitate to contact us at heleen@dansbrabant.nl or annemijn@dansbrabant.nl
Send your CV and a motivation letter to heleen@dansbrabant.nl. There will be a selection.
Deadline applying: December 12th, 2018
Result selection: December 19th, 2018


Dirk Dumon – Fontys Dance Academy
Heleen Volman – DansBrabant
Annemijn Rijk – DansBrabant

For further information, please visit www.dansbrabant.nl

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