Take part in this unique opportunity to work with one of the Royal Ballet’s young choreographers and visual artists on a truly interdisciplinary project. Explore the connections between movement and image over four exclusive workshops where you will create choreography with shapes and lines and then use these compositions as a basis for incorporating movement into the 2D practice.
– Work on choreography
– Dance with calligraphy and line drawing
– Capture movement on paper

– Translate projected images into movement

Where: By Other Means, Unit 11, 38-40 Upper Clapton road E58BQ Clapton London

When: April 3rd to April 9th

This week will be led by Charlotte Edmonds, who is part of the Royal Ballet Young Choreographer Programme. Charlotte is interested in poetic movement, encouraging artists to be more expressive through the influence of physicality and muscle memory. During these workshops she will help participants in transcribing rhythm, understanding stillness and achieving a sense of space, scale and shape.

Other artists include:

Zhang Aonan from the Confucius Institute of Performance and Dance
Anysia Nefissi a visual artist who works with ink and line

Joshua Wiskey am artist who works with dancers and large scale painting.

How to apply: