“Encuentro de cuerpos” is a pedagogical gathering, specialized in training the stage artist through diverse methodologies, techniques and sepaches based in Latin American corporal pedagogy.

It´s conformed by three intensive workshops directed by: Francisco Córdova (Director of Physical Momentum Project), Shanti Vera (Director of Cuatro x Cuatro) and Karen de Luna (Director of Proyecto al margen).

Where: Barcelona, Spain
CC. Barceloneta. > C/ Conreria1

When: 3th – 7th APRIL 2017 / 9H – 15H

Directed to:
Dancers, Physical Actors and Circus artists.

Deadline for application: 1th APRIL 2017

Their investigations part from different backgrounds and artistic experiences but find a profound relation in the concept of “ACTION”.

They propose a transversal project  where they can experiment vulnerability, uselessness, fragility, urgency, body appropriation, playfulness, response, non-reaction, listening and presence,  being one with the other and not one against the other. ”

Francisco Cordova (MEX)
Body-Action <> Movement-Relation

Shanti Vera (MEX)
The Empty Body

Karen de Luna (MEX)
Present Body

Costs for participants 220€ (3 Workshops)

Note: 1) No single classes are allowed 2) Mandatory participation for 3 workshops

Contact details

For further information please visit https://www.tecnicasdemovimiento.com/

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