Intensive Workshop with Roberto Olivan and Helder Seabra. Two intensive contemporary dance workshops for professional and advanced students.

Where: Escola de Dança de Lagos, Portugal. Rua Gil Vicente 50, 8600-596 Lagos, Portugal

From 22 to 26 February 2021- Helder Seabra
From 1st to 5th March 2021- Robert Olivan

Deadline for applications:
1st Early Bird until 18th Dezember= 85 €.
2nd Early Bird until 31st January= 100€.
Full Price- until 20th February -120 €

This is a super price dance opportunity to attend one or two intensive contemporary dance workshop for advanced students and professionals. 12 SPOTS ONLY!! These workshops are happening integrated in a dance festival ” Entrelaçados” in Algarve. You will also have the opportunity to go to performances and have discounts in other One Day workshops during the weekend. The subscription in one intensive workshop with Helder or Roberto gives you the right to a free ticket to attend a performance. We have agreements with cheap hostel and restaurant and you will also have some free time to enjoy the beautiful city of Lagos, south of Portugal.
The schedule for both intensive workshops will be from 10h to 12h30 a.m. and from 14h to 16h30 p.m. Five hours per day, during five day- from Monday to Friday.
You can check the teachers here :

Resume of workshops :
Helder Seabra- Developed further from the previous workshop Innercore. We’ll start with a class focusing on organic way of moving, using and recycling energy with continuous flow, growing progressively from the floor and approach concepts like risk, trust, instinct and speed. We’ll focus amongst others on kinetic force and anatomy, departing from and back to our own center, with an openness towards the inside (physical consciousness) and outside (all around us) merging what we control and what we let happen/observe.
Then this encounter, will be a confrontation through a meditative state diving into your own vortex and the relationship between yourself and the space around you. In the untapped corners of your own mind and body, by finding your own vortex, you will allow the complexity of your subconscious to spur, on the technical and creative level, and generate your own individuality within the collectivity of those around you. We will explore methods of generating material that play with the personality, image, and the strengths and weaknesses of the individual in an attempt to find unique and specified material.
Discovering your vulnerability of the unconscious by channeling the purity of presence and take pleasure in spontaneity, you’ll have the freedom to question:
When can we set a limit to the forward movement?
How does a dancer approaches character, how does a character move/dance?
As this journey fluctuates between you as a human and performer you will discover your internal guerilla reflected back through the root of the dark matter.
Dark matter? Can we allow ourselves to go there?

Robert Olivan : Instinct as a source of movement by Roberto Olivan
Roberto Olivan forges dance from physicality, body power and technique, taking the body to extreme situations. His goal is to encourage loosing fear of moving in a specific context. The workshop is especially focused on generating dance material from our animal instincts and our own creativity. Moreover, it strengthens group confidence by building safe conclusions from difficult situations.
Moving efficiently becomes an important issue, but there are other important purposes too. Working with gravity, the consciousness of inner sensations, such as breathing, and the visualisation of energy released by movement. This consciousness of body unites mind and physical structure relating it to spatial energies, to others and to oneself.
In this sense, the body becomes a tool of projection for the physical and emotional flow. The force of mental images, such as lines and structures around and in the body, are used to define and help us better understand the body’s functionality.
After learning and using many kinds of dance techniques, Olivan discovered their limitations for artistic expression. Whilst accepting the necessity for these conventional techniques, he knows that using them exclusively curtails freedom in dance and in the performers. This is why Olivan is embarked on a constant quest for the freedom that creates singular forms, refining his technique in order to develop a unique language that can be recognised as his own style, a language focused on speed and precision.

How to apply:
You can go to the website and download the inscription sheet, fulfil it and then send it to the email :
Or you can just ask all the information you need to do your subscription in the same email : or

Costs for participants:
1st Early Bird until 18th Dezember= 85 €.
2nd Early Bird until 31st January= 100€.
Full Price- until 20th February -120 €

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