The Intensive Workshop lead by Anton Lachky – Puzzle Work opens the door to an endless variety of different combinations within your movement possibilities.

Where: Porto, Portugal

When: 9th – 13th of September 2019

Deadline for applications: 6th of September 2019

[DANCE] by playing, organizing and reorganizing your body in simple, more complex and in many different ways it allows you to keep playful all the time while dancing.

The body functions the way we wish or rather how we allow it to function This game of Puzzle Work is a never-ending process and a never-ending game if we wish so and allow it to be. Each body has its own BALANCE, its own LOGIC and its own LIMITATIONS. I feel lucky today to be discovering where my balance is and where my limitations are and how I can transform and integrate that in my dancing.

Anton Lachky – Puzzle Work If I take 6 different numbers compared to the lock of a bike, the variety of number combinations is endless – that’s how we keep our bike safe. DANCING IS NOT THE NUMBER and WE ARE NOT THE BIKE LOCK but with 6 different movements, we can play an endless game with the body depending on the order of movements. How large is the scale of our movement? That’s where ENDLESSNESS steps in. How many possibilities do we have? As I mentioned before we are not a bike lock and movements are not numbers but with what speed frame, size, texture, intension and in which context and most importantly with what FEELING do we move?

Yes, we do. Any dancer and mover of any category who loves to move and wants to discover his/her physical possibilities, his/her abilities and his/her own coordination skills. Dancers who like to be challenged and who are willing to learn more. Is it only for contemporary dancers? Absolutely not, it’s for any dancer who loves physical challenges (urban dance, ballet, circus, acrobats, gym).

To apply, you can send an e-mail to with your application.

Costs for participants:
Early bird price 160€ until 31st of May
180€ from 1st of May

For further information, please visit

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