An opportunity to take regular morning class and be involved in a two-week performative research concluding with an open sharing led by performer/physical theatre artist Danny Kearns (London) taking place in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Where: Hod Movement Laboratory, Sofia, Bulgaria

When: 18 April 2023 – 29 April 2023

Deadline for applications: Sat 15 April (sign ups for this event until the end of the day)

Hod Movement Lab and Room Temperature Association invite you to a series of open classes and performative research with Danny Kearns, a performer and physical theatre artist from London and co-founder of Prague based dance/theatre group available collective.

The open class series will take place over 5 days: between 18th – 21st April (Tuesday to Friday) from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM and on 22nd April (Saturday) from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM in Hod Movement Lab. Classes are open for all with an interest in movement and working with the body in a communicative way. Due to the limited capacity of the space we require advance sign up. More information about the class and a sign-up form can be found below.

The performative research will take place over 10 days:
from 18th to 21st April (Tue-Fri) from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM,
on 22nd April (Sat) from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
and from 24th to 28th April (Mon-Fri) from 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM.
The research will conclude with an open sharing on 29th April (Sat) between 4:30 – 6:30 PM. It will be open for up to 7 of the participants already registered for the open class.

The price for regular participants in the open class is BGN 10/day or BGN 50 for the whole week. Participation in the performative research is free. For students the entire event is free. We also offer an additional three full scholarships for the entire event for participants who are not students but have financial difficulties – more information can be found in the sign-up form.

The working language of the entire process will be English.

Danny Kearns interest and practice has been gravitating around movement for most of his life. He studied Physical Theatre at East 15 Acting School, then worked for 5 years in Poland with Studium Teatralne in Warsaw and Studio Matejka in Wroclaw at the Grotowski Institute, performing and leading workshops across Poland and abroad, greatly influenced by the teachings and work of theatre director Jerzy Grotowksi. One such performance, ‘Angry Man’, explored social tensions, domestic abuse and masculinity crisis, which was nominated for Best off theatrical performance in 2018.

He has been training in the Brazilian Art-form Capoeira since 2008, now with the guidance of Mestre Velho-Jose in his group Olorum Capoeira Association. Danny currently teaches capoeira classes to children and adults in schools and privately.

He continues to be creative through contact improvisation, teaching regular classes at Chisenhale Dance Space. In 2021 he jointly founded theatre-dance group available collective, specialising in improvisation performance and in creating processes and performances which explore unknown possibilities for the performer in terms of connection to partners on stage and opening an exploration into stream of conscious story-telling.

Recent performances include the duet ‘Meeting point’ and the group improvised score ‘Performance dance jam’ performed with available collective in Prague and Berlin, ‘Headin for Godot’ together with Marie Chabert and musician Tomas Broda performed at the Cockpit Theatre and Resolution Festival in London, and solo work ‘Direction-less’, performed in Prague and Sofia.


In this class we will explore our bodies’ potential to ‘penetrate and colonize’ the space versus being penetrated and colonized by the space. Getting into the creative intelligence of the body, we will engage in a whole body practice opening ourselves to our innate expressive potentials and letting go of inhibition to communicate directly with our partners and space. Specifically working on dynamic kinesthetic movement as a group, how to navigate, ‘balance’ and become fluid as an ensemble. Developing suppleness in our spines and thinking feet. As well as engaging in contact improvisation to work on listening and responsiveness, finding bold, safe and fun ways to explore our own movement and sharing weight with partners.

The research project will focus on a similar theme of engaging simultaneously with body-mind-feeling, with the aim of preparing a sharing for a small audience. How the listening and sensitivity to partners and space can be shared and enjoyed with observers and developing a common attention in a space.

How our attention and listening as performers can help us relate to the space, partners and audience with a depth of feeling and lightness of body, to work on responsiveness and readiness in the body-mind and an openness to our feelings which can be shared with presence, vulnerability yet supported by a group.

Through a combination of physical theatre and contact improvisation we will discover a structured ‘training-performance’ score which allows room for new discoveries and opening to our personal expressive power.
The research is for those with an interest in movement and also performance. Especially contact with other bodies, working physically and with speaking. Prior experience is not a requisite but an openness and willingness to explore possibly new and unknown paths for ourselves, which extend not just to our bodies but also our inner worlds.

For full information please refer to event here:
The event is part of the “Hod Cultural Calendar” programme, supported by Sofia Municipality Culture Directorate.

How to apply:
Artists, students and amateurs from all fields of dance, theater and the performing arts who have an interest and curiosity in exploring their own bodies are invited to participate. Only participants in the open class can apply to join the performative research. If you would like to participate in the research, please indicate so in the sign-up form and answer the additional questions.

The application deadline is the end of the day on Sunday, 2nd April. Applicants for the performative research will receive an answer by the end of the day on Tuesday, 4th April.

Application form:

Costs for participants: 10 lv/day for morning class / free for performative research

Contact details:

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