Intensive Dance Program with Luis Marrafa.
StairCase. studio Brussels, calls for professional dancers for 2 weeks (40hours) for intensive professional training.

Where: Rue de Lessines 17, 1080 Brussels, Belgium

When: 31st of August till the 11th of September 2020 | 2pm till 6pm.

Deadline for applications: 24th of August 2020

Program objective:
• 2 weeks (40 hours)
• Warm up, physical training,
• Sharing methods of dance composition/choreography,
• Creating a structure for a Solo, through a research,
• MAX. 4 persons (following the measures concerning the Covid-19).

Starting with a contemporary dance class / physical training, continuing with a technical and artistic composition. This important initiative is with the focus on choreography, engaging into research in movement composition and development of new knowledge in the artistic field.

Program description
Contemporary dance class – Physical training, approaching a technical and artistic level. Detailed movements will be proposed aiming the fluidity (flow technique) of the body crossing into the space. Rethinking the body possibilities and exploring new physical abilities. Revisiting repertoire and improvisation.

Creative composition – Exploring methods of composition/choreography. Following intuition and creative awareness. Sharing exercises to stimulate ideas, asking some questions and giving space to the dancers exploring their thoughts through the movement.

To apply, send to your biography and one video with you dancing through Vimeo or Youtube.

Costs for participants: 380€ (The selected dancers should pay 190€, it’s the half of the amount to guarantee their place for the intensive workshop, the other half will be paid in the first day of the program on the 31st of August 2020)

Contact details:

For further information, please visit