This training demands commitment and discipline to develop our dance.
Through a foundation of physical training of mind and body we can find the missing piece of Butoh.
Vol.2 Sensitivity – Matilde Javier Ciria and Natsuko Kono

Physical training pushes limits that jolt us forward into an empty mental space. In this moment we are open to respond to words with unknown movements. The quality of movement and presence originate from our sensitivity, physical and emotional experiences. We tap into our own history and memories held in our bodies. As the physical body and mind become stronger through training, the movement reaction comes from a deeper place within. These are steps on the way to experience Butoh.

Where: Tatwerk, Berlin, Germany
Address:Hasenheide 9
Gewerbehof – 2. Hinterhof, Aufgang 1, 3. OG
10967 Berlin Kreuzberg

When: 24th-27th November 2016 14h-18h

Deadline for registrations: 24th November 2016

We will work to develop our sensible and poetic body in a challenging physical way to help to release our self barriers, developing different engines for improvisation.

Further training with Butoh Initiative
June 1st-4th 2017 *Vol.3 Will Dickie and Natsuko Kono
Grounding – Suzuki Acting method and Kalaripayattu

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Costs: 150€ | 130€ with TATWERKCARD

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Photo by Karsten Bartel

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