Integral Training and Dance Film
Ballet, contemporary dance, acrobatics, improvisation and as final work a dance film. 4 classes, 4 teachers for you.

Where: At home by ZOOM

When: Wednesday 24th to 27th June basics / Wednesday 1st to 4th July Intermediate

Deadline for applications: 30 minutes before start

In this workshop you will find an integral dance training based on classical ballet, contemporary dance, acrobatics and improvisation classes siutable for small spaces at your own home. For final work a short dance film will be edited by TOKA Video danza.

Classical ballet with Jessica González.

Classical dance technique to expand the ranges of movement, dissociation of the body, coordination, elasticity, strength, balance, understand and improve the body lines useful for all dance styles.

Class with Marion Sparber “From inside to Outside”

This is a contemporary dance training with emphasis on spirals and floor work, opening channels of awarness, feeling the inside and the outside, everyone and everything surround.

The warm-up is focused on passing through the whole body, expanding the flexibility and stregth, never abandoning a flow of natural and organic movement, feeling the feet as base and connection to the ground.

Using the playfullness to get inspired with exercises and games in differrent constellations, listening to the weight of the body and direct it to the space, putting awareness into proximity and distance as well as the orientation and relationship to the room, playing with the off-balance and shift of the axis.

Contemporary dance and acrobatics with Ivan Yaher.

Class created to understand the basic organic movements starting with the warm-up, floor work and the handling of acrobatics through different exercises with dynamic changes to make dance sequences.

This class is also planned to introduce handstand exercises because nowadays it is very important to strengthen the upper body and it is a fundamental tool to dance with more possibilities.

Improvisation class with Marco Esccer. “Explor-Arte”

Explore how to break your repetitive patterns by awekening the connection between mind and body. Recognize your human potential, discover your power to move and turn your weakness into your strength.

This class is guided by different Kind of exercises will take you to figure out new posibilities to enjoy, to enrich your creativity and dance in the most unique way you can find, yours.

The choreography will be learned during the classical dance and improvisation classes.

If you are interested, you can also take single classes.

Because we know you want to keep training SING UP!

How to register: Sending an e-mail to: with your
– Full name
– Age
– Photography

Costs for participants: 40€/970MXN/ 60CAD

Contact details:
Facebook: @toka.videodanza

For further information please visit

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