Instinct as a Source of Movement with Roberto Olivan, 4 Days Workshop in the frame of Oster Tanz 20.

Where: Tanzfabrik Berlin Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

When: 14.-17.04.20 // 10:00-14:00

Deadline for applications: 14.04.20

Roberto Olivan forges dance from physicality, body power and technique, taking the body to extreme situations. His goal is to encourage losing fear of moving in a specific context. The workshop is especially focused on generating dance material from our animal instincts and our own creativity. Moving efficiently becomes an important issue, but also working with gravity, the consciousness of inner sensations, such as breathing, and the visualisation of energy released by movement. This consciousness of body unites mind and physical structure relating it to spatial energies, to others and to oneself. In this sense, the body becomes a tool of projection for the physical and emotional flow. The force of mental images, such as lines and structures around and in the body, are used to define and help us better understand the body’s functionality and a language focused on speed and precision.

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Costs for participants: 200€ (170€*)
*Applies on arrival of the full workshop fee on our account by 26.03.20.
We do offer 20% reduction of the regular price for professional dancers.

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