5 weeks Intensive Training Improvisation / Instant Composition with Lilo Stahl, Michael Schumacher and Oliver Lange in Freiburg-Germany
This training is designed for dance students with sufficient experience in the art of improvisation or dancers graduates of TIP.

Where: TIP- School for dance, improvisation and performance in Freiburg – Germany.

When: 28th January to 2nd March 2019

Deadline for applications: 07. Jan 2019

It offers a unique opportunity to deepen the experience and knowledge of this art form, to re-grasp and master its complexity.

Improvisation – the art to create something from nothing
Improvisation – the art to create something from scratch

Sensitize perception * Refine permeability * Exercise responsiveness * Discover the manifoldness of movement * Explore design principles * Learn ImproTools * Train conscious interaction * Incite the fire of and for Improvisation * Instant Composition

• Times of Class: Monday to Thursday 12:30 to 16:00 Friday 9:30 to 12 o’clock

How to apply:
The application should include
Personal information (name, address, birthday, gender) on the basis of which a training contract is drawn up.
• Non-graduates of TIP please add a short description of the previous dance experience, especially in the field of improvisation.

Costs for participants: € 700 for all 5 weeks
Weeks 1 to 3 can be booked singularly: 1 week € 190, 2 weeks € 360, 3 weeks € 510

Contact details: info@bewegungs-art.de

For further information, please visit http://bewegungs-art.de/engl/files/fort.php

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