A weekend full of dance, interaction, exchange and playfulness! Celebrating the many universal connections through all kinds of meetings.

Where: Katapult, Berlin, Germany

When: October 28/29/30th 2022, 10-17h

This autumn weekend Knut, Lito, Anna and Jade will gather to facilitate a 3-day partnering event at Katapult Berlin. Each day will consist of 3 hours of Orbitpartnering with Lito and Knut and 3 hours of Inspire by FightingMonkey practice with Anna and Jade.

Description Inspire by Fighting Monkey with Anna Rose and Jade van den Hout:

We will be diving into dance and partner work, with an emphasis on listening and handling unpredictability. By playing with diverse movement situations, dynamic games and tools, we are looking at our learning strategies, feedback and energy resources. How do we coordinate ourselves internally and in relation to others in a changing environment? Creating a framework within which we are encouraged to play, follow our curiosity, and activate our bodies and imaginations, we will work with silence, chaos, rhythm and instinct. We invite you to meet us at a place of all crossings, being shaken yet nourished, joyfully embracing struggle.

About Fighting Monkey:
FM practice is developed by founders Jozef Frucek and Linda Kapetanea through a deep study of cross motion analysis, and with the aim of understanding principles of human movement, communication and the aging process.
Anna Rose and Jade van den Hout are recognized as Inspire by FM ® instructors/practitioners by founders Jozef Frucek and Linda Kapetanea. More information about the Fighting Monkey practice: https://fightingmonkey.net

Description Orbit Partnering with Lito Anastasopoulou and Knut Vikström Precht:

Orbit Partnering Dance practice. This is an ongoing practice, where we work with a wide range of physical mental abilities, moving and dancing with other people. We dynamically conduct the group through the class setting, practicing primarily two by two, but always keeping in mind the individual as part of the collective. We regularly exchange dancing partners, which encourages new confrontations with oneself, the group and the principles we’re exploring. In pairs or larger constellations, we focus on various aspects of weight sharing, space sharing, leading/following/listening, direct physical manipulations and the importance of footwork and floor connection for balance and availability. We run, fall and lift each other through the curved space. We insist on practicing specific approaches and techniques/mechanics, in order to achieve more freedom and possibilities in the improvisations, where the dances happen.


Lito Anastasopoulou.

Freelance dancer: stage performer, choreographer, teacher of contemporary dance and improvisation. Lito was born 1990 in Athens, Greece. In 2016 she graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp with studies in Contemporary Dance and she also has a bachelor’s degree in educational science in Early Childhood Education (University of Patras, Greece). Since 2016 she lived in Brussels, and she recently moved to Berlin. Her main focus is performance, creation, choreography, training, as well as sharing her passion for dance by giving contemporary dance workshops for adults (partnering practice together with Knut Vikström Precht) and kids. She is working as a choreographer and performer for “Raush” by Gregory Caers for D’haus Duesseldorf, she performed for “Sp!n” by Kolski/HZT Berlin,“The Red Queen” by Luke Jessop/ Ion Tribe, “Rising Dragon, Redbird Flying” by Odos Company and “Trio Zooplahop” (kids performance). She worked for “Jaellen 2021” – circus/dance creation by the Swedish John Simon Wiborn company, “Spiegel im Spiegel” by the belgian SIDE-SHOW Circus Company, “Nieuw Muziektheater Braaschaat Opera, company “Eau-dela Danse” and Impro company 2017. For “Exodos” by Unites/ Nomade company she was the choreographic assistant and she took part as a performer and co-creator in the video dance projects “Carnivore” by “Attic Projects”,“Before they got their names (they forgot their names)”, “Anasa” and “Genna” by Odos Productions.

Knut Vikström Precht.

Knut is a dancer and performer currently based in Berlin. Born, raised and educated in Sweden, he has worked and performed all over Europe and toured on four continents. He joined Ultima Vez – Wim Vandekeybus 2015 – 2018 for the rehearsal and tour of In Spite of Wishing and Wanting – Revival, and has performed works of numerous other directors and choreographers such as Linda Kapetanea & Jozef Frucek/RootLessRoot (GR/SK), Luke Murphy(IRL) and Per Sundberg/Dansinitiativet (SWE). After completing his studies at the University of Dance and Circus(DOCH/UniArts) in Stockholm in 2013, he has been involved in contexts of street performance, dance films, theatre production and performance art alongside his main focus on contemporary dance performance. Since 2019 he teaches internationally together with Lito Anastasopoulou under the framework of Approaching Humans, which allows him to further explore and share his sincere joy and interest in movement, interaction and communication.

Anna Rose.

Anna Rose is a Berlin based dance artist, singer and Inspire by Fighting Monkey® instructor, hailing from the Shawangunk mountains of New York. She received her early dance training in a variety of classical, folk, and percussive dance forms; from flamenco to ballet, the Dabke to West African Kuku, Hip Hop to classical modern. In 2016, Rose earned her BFA in dance from NYU Tisch School of the Arts (NYC), and has since performed and taught extensively at festivals and venues across the USA, EU and UK, working with a variety of choreographers. Rose’s own work is interdisciplinary in nature, fusing dance, theatre, film, and music. Her films, works for the stage, and site-specific creations have been presented in New York, Italy, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, France, Sweden, Ireland and the UK. For several years, Rose has been expanding her movement practice into MMA and House dance, with an intensive focus on Muay Thai. Her current artistic research is focused on the connection of fighting and dancing, exploring the overlap between principles of combat and collaboration. Rose is interested in communication through and between bodies, the necessity of nonsense, and silence. Further information about Rose can be found at https://www.annarose.dance/

Jade van den Hout.

Jade is active as a performer, choreographer and teacher in the field of art and movement. Shifting gears between those activities just as the weather throughout the seasons, but always returning back to dance and a curiosity for human interaction. In 2014 she received her bachelor degree Dance at FHK Tilburg (NL). As of 2015, she has been active within the company The100Hands, working as a performer and co-creator, focusing on interactive and site-specific work. Since 2017 the Fighting Monkey practice has an increasing influence on her physical development, creative reflection and perspective on life. This continuous study and inspiration brought her to teaching Inspire by FM®. In 2019 she started the initiative DaybyDay under which various 24-hour dance projects are carried out, aiming to create more room and opportunity for new local meetings.

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Costs for participants:
Early bird price: €200 (before 30th September), Regular price: €240

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