InsidEncuentro – Apprenticeship program – a project born to bring students and/or young dancers closer to the world of work in a company.

Where: Giugliano in Campania, Naples, Italy

When: from January to June 2022 (one week per month)

Deadline for applications: 30 December 2021

The InsidEncuentro apprenticeship program with the Encuentro company is a project to bring students and/or young dancers closer to the world of work in a company, in which they will participate directly. The duration of the project, that will take place in Giugliano in Campania, Naples (Italy), is one week a month from January to June 2022. The timetable will be from 9.30 to 13/13.30 from Monday to Friday when the first hour will be of class/ warm-up and the rest of rehearsal and creation. In fact, the dancers will work both to the creative process of new production/s (in which the company will work) and the study and learning of the repertoire. This last point will be of fundamental importance as at the end of the course an extract of the repertoire will be presented as an opening representation of the end-of-year show at the RCJ Ballet school that hosts the resident company.
The dancers will have the opportunity to approach the company in its entirety as they will work not only with the choreography but also with the interpretative preparation, typical of the company itself.
For the participants there is the possibility of being included in the current and future projects of the company.
The dates of the week will be announced later, in case of been selected.

To register, send C.V. and a short dance video (an improvisation or a solo or if you are in a group indicate the person) to the email by 30 December 2021.

Costs for participants: 400

Contact details: Encuentro – Theatre and Dance Company
instagram: @cia.encuentro
Directors: Antonio Buonaiuto and Omar Milan

For further information, please visit