Information Soup Dance Residency. Residents are invited to deliver a 3 hr session of their practice to the fellow participants. Each afternoon will be led by an alternate artist – it can be in the form of a workshop or a laboratory.

Theme: Open circuit ( bring it up)
Mission: Exchange and exploration
Questions for research:
How can we expand upon our experience of dance?
How do we efficiently place ourselves and embrace the frequency of creativity?

Blipbase, Ladendorf, Austria ( 1 hour by train from Vienna).

When: 3rd – 9th September 2018

Deadline for applications: 15th August. Residency is limited to 6 residents.

Opening circle Sunday 2nd 7pm, week begins Monday until closing circle Sunday 9th high noon.

8 -9 Yoga: ( Teacher to be announced ) Breakfast
11-1 Movement workshop: Combination of choreographed sequences that stimulate imagination, and task based improvisations, that facilitate expansion of perception. ( Emma James U.K:) Lunch
3 -6 Residents session Dinner
8 – 9.30 Themed improvisation with invited soundscape musician / meditation / silent walk sunset / campfire /Sharings (Reini Kopp Ö)

To apply, please send to

A short statement of interest, a description of proposed workshop, and a short bio and web links.

Costs for participants:
250 Euro before 3rd August, 300 Euros after. Includes all sessions, accommodation and 3 vegetarian meals per day.

Contact details:

For further information, please visit

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