The India Contact Festival, hosted by ProDancer, is a vibrant celebration fostering movement, connection, and exploration of Contact Improvisation as a transformative practice, offering diverse learning opportunities, captivating performances showcasing its artistic potential, and delving into somatic practices to deepen the mind-body connection, transcending the dance floor into a transformative experience nurturing personal growth, creativity, and self-discovery.

Where: The Rusta, Arambol, Goa, India

When: 22nd Jan – 29th Jan 2024

Deadline for applications: 1st Jan 2024 ( deadline for early bird)

India Contact Festival 2024, hosted by ProDancer is a vibrant celebration of movement and connection, dedicated to exploring Contact Improvisation as a profound and transformative movement practice.  Dive into diverse learning opportunities, including intensives, workshops, and jams led by incredible teachers from various countries.

Engage in artistic expression through captivating performances that demonstrate the beauty and potential of Contact Improvisation as an art form. Explore the depths of somatic practices, fostering a deeper connection between your body and mind. Our festival is not just a dance event; it’s a transformative experience that goes beyond the dance floor, nurturing personal growth, creativity, and self-discovery.

At India Contact Festival 2024, inclusivity is at the heart of our celebration. Our festival provides the perfect space for community building and forging connections. Engage in discussions, conversations, and interactions that foster mutual understanding, empathy, and trust. Enjoy moments of rest, walks in nature, bodywork sessions, saunas, water contact, and more, designed to nourish your body and soul. Embrace the magic of Contact Improvisation and be part of this extraordinary journey of self-discovery, artistic expression, and community building. It’s a celebration of movement, connection, and personal growth, where everyone is welcome!

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Costs for participants: 250 euros (early bird options available)

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