Dance – Music – Words
We will fully engage in composing and creating instantaneously, together with the cellist Gábor Hartyáni. We share our research

Where: Berlin, Dock 11, Germany

When: April 9th

Deadline for applications: 07.04

A physical journey into the body through training in contemporary dance. As well as a place for imagination, where we engage in creative investigation of compositions, choreographic interactions, perception and listening. We begin the day by enabling vitality and dynamism through energy exercises and floor work. We use the tools of contemporary dance techniques to empower, stretch and strengthen the body. Through a practice implying body awareness, we explore the organization and correlation of dancing movement, to enter deeply into the body and let it unfold its natural expressiveness. From this physical space we move on to the imaginative one. A place to engage in the creativity of improvisation, in interaction with others and space, to find the musicality, instinctive and immediacy of gesture. We dedicate ourselves to unexpected territories where we can enter with mind and body, voice and music, present moment and memories. On the last journey, in April, we will fully dedicate ourselves to creating and composing instantaneously, along with and thanks to the cellist Gábor Hartyáni.

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Costs for participants: 55€

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