In metamorfosi. Residencies for theatrical research / CALL FOR RESIDENCIES “Artists in the territories”

The call is open to individuals or groups from Italy and Europe operating in the field of performing arts and structured in any legal form; only artistic projects that conduct experimentation with scenic languages are eligible for selection.

Where: Rovigo, Italy

When: 2019

Deadline for applications: 28th January 2019


Teatro del Lemming believes that residencies are the right way to host, plan and record the artistic process of any theatrical experimentation.
In the triennium 2018-2020, Teatro del Lemming has been recognized as a residence Artisti nei territori (artists in the territories) with the project IN METAMORFOSI. Residencies for theatrical research.

The project IN METAMORFOSI plans the hospitality of artists in residence according to the following axis:

Support for local and regional artists and groups operating in the experimentation of scenic languages;
Identification of Italian and European young emerging companies, operating in the experimentation of scenic languages with particular attention to the practice of The Spectator’s Theatre.
For the first axis, the groups are going to be selected directly by the artistic direction; while for the second axis, Teatro del Lemming is going to realize a call every year.

This call for entries is open to young groups or artists that practice experimental theatre with particular attention to the practice of The Spectator’s Theatre. The practice of The Spectator’s Theatre is a nonexclusive requisite.

The Spectator’s theatre is all that theatre that:
is a deeply emotional experience for the audience;
is not a simple representation but it becomes a personal experience to an event: I don’t watch a show but I experience something;
is not dedicated for a shapeless crowd (the audience) but it is dedicated to each singular participant;
is able to redefine the role actor/spectator through their direct relation that actually becomes the focus of the experience;
Assumed that nowadays, the paradigm of our citizen condition is similar to inert powerless spectators, it considers the audience no more as a nineteenth-century voyeuristic spectator,but as an important part of the play; challenges the passivity of the audience, that becomes the actor of the event: The political moment par excellence is the transformation from the state of being a spectator into the position of an actor (Zygmunt Bauman);
makes the theatrical event a unique, intimate and unrepeatable experience for each singular participant;
builds small rituals because it supports a resurge of the ritual significance of theatre, as a sacred, revealing experience, which is the original feature of theatre; gets back to a primal theatrical practice able to initiate people to become citizens of the world; defines the actor’s work like a gift of love towards the spectator, with all the challenge, the mutual bare and the structural risk that this means;
is able to redefine the use of the theatrical space: the performance is no more in front of me, but it looms me, it is in me and I live in it like in a universe in which I fall;
is able to redefine the time of the theatrical experience: it starts when the spectator is near to the event and it broadens before its end through the inevitable processing.
The call is open to individuals or groups from Italy and Europe operating in the field of performing arts and structured in any legal form.

Only artistic projects that conduct an experimentation with scenic languages, according to one or more points mentioned above, are eligible for selection.

The project of residence can be composed by:

Periods of rehearsals around new productions;
Workshop opened to young people;
Open-air theatrical actions.
The selected artist/group must include in his project the showing to the spectators of the work realized during the residence.

During the residency, artists are going to be followed by different professional mentors. On the one hand, Massimo Munaro, artistic director of Teatro del Lemming, is going to follow the evolution of the residence, monitoring the development of each artistic project. On the other hand, during one or more days of residence, artists are going to be followed by a critic and/or an academic and/or a well-known artist and/or a curator. These mentors will have the possibility to be familiar with the artists, to delve into their artistic path and to observe the evolution of their creative process. Moreover the aim of mentoring artists is to create opportunities for meeting, comparing and transferring knowledge between theatrical generations.

The selection is going to be realized in two steps: in the first one the artistic direction analyzes all the received applications; in the second one the artistic direction will meet in person or by a Skype video call all the selected artists.

The selection of the performances is entrusted to the unquestionable judgment of the artistic direction. By submitting their candidacy, participants authorize the use of sent images for the communication and for the publications related to the initiative.

The selected performances are going to be included in the 2019 program of In Metamorfosi. Residencies for theatrical research, realized with the support of MiBAC and Veneto Region.
Each selected group or artist is going to be hosted for at least 15 days at Teatro Studio of Rovigo (Italy). Depending on the project, the residency can be realized in a single period or divided into several moments of the same year. Teatro del Lemming is going to offer technical and logistical support, a guest house for lodging and a fee that has to be agreed with each group/artist.

Selected candidates commit to:
support the promotion of their residency and of IN METAMORFOSI throughout their channels (web site, social, press office…);
respect the praxis of Teatro Studio regarding set-up times and rules;
Participation in the announcement implies full acceptance of this regulation.
The organization reserves the right to decide on issues not expected by this regulation.

How to apply:
Submissions must include:
Artistic curriculum of the company or of the artist;
Artistic schedule;
Technical specifications of the project;
link to video material concerning the poetics of the group or of the artists (links to previous works are eligible too).

All the submissions must be sent by e-mail to: having on the object of the mail “Submission to Residencies 2019” by 12.00 pm of the 28th January 2019.

It is necessary that video materials can be viewed directly online (through a link) and do not have to be downloaded. Other ways of sending materials are not accepted.

Participants authorize, pursuant to Law 196/2003 and to GDPR – European Regulation, the processing of personal data and the use of the sent information for all the purposes related to the announcement.

Contact details:
Teatro del Lemming
0039 (0)425 070643

For further information, please visit

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